Thursday, February 01, 2007


Dear Friends, sadly I must tell you that I believe that we are not far away from the end of our world. The reason?

There is a megalomaniac in charge of the U.S., one who has become a despot, one who is completely ignoring his people and their wishes, one who is stupidly escalating the war in Iraq, one who is sending more nuclear-armed forces to the Middle East, one who, in cooperation with Israel (and perhaps Britain), is planning to use nuclear weapons to attack Iran.

If this is allowed to happen, when Iran is attacked, the Muslim World, fearing annihilation, will retaliate bigtime. The outcome will truly be the War To End All Wars because, by the time it's over, there will be nothing left. Our world will be an irradiated wasteland!

Urgent action is required to help those American people who are aware of the danger and who have both courage and backbone to get rid of the cancer that is destroying their once great country.

In our country, John Howard continues to support Bush the Babbling Buffoon no matter what he does. John Howard is a complete fool, a man whose ego has strangled what brain he had!

Please visit the following links and give the American agitators some support. However be very careful how you do it because some Americans are very embarassed and bewildered by what is happening and resent people from other countries suggesting remedies. Also, if you're so minded, contact your Local Member and voice your disapproval of Howard's servile support for this cowboy President and the right-wing gang of Outlaws and Extremists that he represents.

LINKS: Is America Burning. A Poetic Justice. Sam Gail. The Peace Train. The Peoples Voice. Coffee Messiah. The American Street. If you know of others let me know!

We must work together quickly to save our world! Another month and it could well be too late.



Coffee Messiah said...

I've often wondered how Bush ever got support from anyone. ; (

It boggles the mind. Although I'm not glad to hear there are other incompetent leaders, it takes the sting out of having one of the worst in history. Won't compare him to anyone, as he's in a league of his own.

It's getting tiresome that those that were elected to deal with him swiftly, are now dodging issues to attempt to get elected again. I'm afraid they're in for another rude surprise.

It may not appear that way outwardly, but in some subtle way, there is a change in the air here, although minimal at this time.

Daniel said...

Couldn't agree more, C.M. especially with the minimal at this time bit.

It amazes me that so few people are really upset with what is going on and of those who are, most of them are armchair activists.

I think that most Americans don't understand the seriousness of the current situation and, when and if they do, it will all be too late!

Gracie said...


Your post is extremely emotional....

We have been screaming at the top of our lungs yet nobody seems to hear us. This country will no longer be the same now that this administration has nearly destroyed our civil liberties and bullied the entire planet. Our earth is gently weeping as she is slowly being destroyed. I weep too. What have we done? We are detested by the rest of the world yet it doesn't seem to matter. ~sigh~

It's so very kind of you to make such a passionate plea on our behalf. Daniel, thank you sooo very much. You'll never truly know how important that is to many of us.

Daniel said...

I despair for those in America who see what is happening but can't stop it, Gracie.

In Australia, people generally are uninvolved, unaware. Most blogs concern themselves with important issues like reviewing DVD.s or discussing atheism.

What to do about the Sheeple is a worry!

dining_philosopher said...

Im afraid Daniel I don't agree with you on several issues. You seem to imply that George Bush is a monster and most of the Americans are saints who dont have the power to stop Bush. That is not true. George Bush is but a representative example of the American Society. He is a symptom of the moral and spiritual corruption that is wide-spread in the American Society. Think about it - the left are no different from the neo-cons who are ruling the US now. America has always been an imperialist country - its just that now they are doing it openly. US is powerful because it is good at playing power games - which sometimes involve treating innocent, "foreign" men and women as pawns. So, I dont understand what you mean by "once great country". When exactly was it great? When it was dropping nuclear bombs on Japan? When it was raping women in vietnam? When it turned a blind eye to African massacres? When it attacked countries to divert attention from its president's cigar tricks? US is rich and powerful because it is good at murdering innocents. Those Americans who are questioning Bush's tactics are just delusional hypocrites. They dont understand that their "way of life" is possible only because US is good at screwing other countries. Whatever it is that Americans call "Capitalism" and "Liberty" is embodied by George Bush. If you are an American and hate Bush, you better take a good look at these two concepts and their definitions. "Capitalism" and "Liberty" are the names of diseases of which Bush is a fleeting symptom. Clinton was no different from Bush and tomorrow Bush will be replaced by another vile human being. Blame the cradle Daniel. There is a George Bush in every doctor, real-estate agent, mechanic, journalist, writer, painter, singer, professor, clerk, soldier, priest, politician, etc. in the US. Its their way of life.

Daniel said...

Disagree all you like,DP. It helps me to think about my own position.

I guess there is much truth in the points you make. Capitalism is a despicable phenomenon which brings out the worst in people and nations as does most religions, nationalism, etc!

I would just caution you about claiming that all Americans are tarred with the one brush. I know from my dealings with alot of them that there are some very nice, genuine people who, like you and me, see clearly the problem with their country (and ours) and are trying to make some changes. Cheers!

dining_philosopher said...

Ofcourse! There will always be a few good apples in the barrel. :)