Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Now, Possums, Xinhua reports that some couples in China are getting married underwater! Can you believe it? I don't know whether this is to cool their ardour until they can get to a hotel or whether they can't stand to see what the other really looks like or what!

I mean it all looks lovely but what about the water running up your nose and into all manner of places and look what it does to your hair and your wedding dress and your good suit. And without breathing gear you have to keep popping up to the surface gasping for breath and snorting and coughing and wiping your eyes! And what about if you're older and your false teeth come adrift and float away? How romantic!

But if you wear breathing gear you can't kiss each other except with extreme difficulty and a loud clashing of mouthpieces and bubbles and the apparatus makes your beloved look like a space monster from a horror movie who you wouldn't want to kiss anyway.

And what if you drop the ring and it sinks down and it can't be found and there's $300 down the drain as well as the damaged clothing and what about when the preacher asks does anyone have any objections and all the guests are too busy drowning to answer. Surely that renders the ceremony Knull and Foid, doesn't it?

No, Dears, call me old-fashioned but give me a Church anytime with organ music and candles and tears. Crying underwater surely would be rather a waste of time. Anyway, if I'm going to have my hair done for sixty bucks there's no way I'm going to let it get wet. Do you think I'm barmy?

Besides, I can't swim! Cheerio. xxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty, Nice to see you posting again!

I think I agree with you about the water, but a gorgeous park in spring time and an isle through a lawn of daffodils for me if the day ever came!! I guess I am romantic at heart! hehehe

Zoe xxx

Aunty Danielle said...

Dear, dear, Zoe. Thanks for dropping by. I haven't been posting for a little while because my knees have been playing up and, besides, Danny has been putting up those awful photos of those men kissing.

My Arnold had a name for men like that but because you're such a nice little thing I won't repeat it.

He was a real man, my Arnie! No two-bob each way funny business for him. There was only one port in a storm he told me and he used to smile so wickedly...

Well, I suppose that's not true. After all, he must've gone to another woman somewhere. Can't still be waiting for fags outside that shop after twenty years!

Anyway, the world is a funny place now, dear. Most of the old values have gone. People don't know their hem from their button hole these days. Anything goes, it seems.

Well, I won't go on. The park sounds nice too, and the daffodils. Let's both keep our fingers crossed. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Coffee Messiah said...

This must be the rage.
I was in Berlin in '89&'90 and there was an art museum underwater. I din't go, but heard about it.

Give my regards to Daniel and Thanks for the SC link! Never heard of it but will look into it!

Cheers from the US.