Tuesday, January 30, 2007


This photograph from Reuters shows Jeremy Irons, who received an award for some television series or other, embracing the Presenter of the Awards, Forest Whitaker.

Now I know nothing about the personal life of either of these gentlemen nor do I want to but, fair dinkum, can I ask what is the justification for these two men passionately kissing each other?

At other ceremonies, I've seen a vigorous handshake, even a hug, and plenty of kisses between notables of the opposite sex. But why the eyes closed, lingering embrace between these two men who are probably almost total strangers?

As a heterosexual male and proud of it, I find the photograph absolutely repugnant!

How about you?


Zoe said...

I Like hearing you sair "fair dinkum", as I say it a bit!Hehehe

Ewwwwwww is my only response!

Zoe xxx

Daniel said...

Yuk! is mine. If any male tried to do that to me I'd...well, it doesn't matter! Let me just say that he'd get a nasty surprise. Cheers!

iMuslim said...

You might find this article interesting.

Daniel said...

I did look at the article. It clearly illustrates the cultural differences that exist. However, in European/American cultures what is taking place in the photograph is not acceptable. Cheers!

Daniel said...

P.S. Perhaps I should add, '...is not acceptable to most people.'

P.P.S. Pete, do you think you could make a comment that is positive in nature, really surprise us all!

beepbeepitsme said...

I don't find a picture of 2 men kissing to be repugnant. It doesn't look like there is "intent" anyway.

Daniel said...

Women usally don't, Beep! It's one of those funny gender things. Cheers!

marcelproust said...

Oh dear, you do have a deep problem, don't you. You just can't get away from this subject!

Two men kissing doesn't worry me at all.

I know that it worries some people, that it even isn't "acceptable" to many.

Actually, that's the big mistake you are making: to imagine that other people are under any obligation to act "acceptably" in your sight, or, in relation to activity that does not in any real sense harm or affect you, to refrain from activity which you consider "yukky."

The funny gender thing you refer to is probably that funny sexuality thing: male heterosexual insecurity manifested as homophobia. Hypotheses as to its aetiology usually point to repressed homosexuality.

Incidentally, Jeremy Irons at the very least has a track record as a trouser-man with the ladies: for example, along with others too numerous to list here he managed to squeeze in a quick fling with Kate Fitzpatrick when he was in Australia to make a film many years ago.

I dare you to publish this.

Daniel said...

Dear Friends, I published this nonsense above for your amusement.

You'll firstly note the pretentious pseudonym. The person concerned apparently has some legal training so that explains a great deal.

If you follow the convoluted logic that wanders through the comment you'll notice that he observes that men kissing "...worries some people, that it even isn't "acceptable" to many." For some reason he accepts this but not that I feel much the same way!

But the biggest joke of all is that he alludes to my repressed homosexuality, me who has had three marriages and is very happy with my partner and our boy!

What infantile rubbish! Perhaps it's you who suffer from such repressions, Marcel, hence your justification for promoting the homosexual cause?

Sorry, Mr Proust. Stick to the law. You might just know something about that!

Daniel said...

marcelproust has left a new comment on your post "WHAT REACTION DO YOU HAVE?":

This picture is two actors portraying characters in the US version (mostly, I think, filmed in Canada in fact) of the well-known TV serial (you can see it on SBS) "Queer as Folk."

Daniel: I pressed publish on two comments this morning of which the above was one. One went through, the other disappeared so I have reproduced it.

Marcel, not according to the photograph source. Besides, not being inclined that way, I don't watch the show!

L. Sparrow said...

I think quite simply .. instead of publishing statistics and throwing around book reports there is one thing that will - and does - promote homosexuality ... at least in Canada.

Homosexuals, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transexuals .... for the most part they seem happy and just as content as the heterosexuals I live alongside ... their example is promotion unto itself .... anyone willing to look will see it.

I also think that we each have a right to approve or disapprove of each other's life styles, religions and politics if we wish to place ourselves in that arena.

The picture to me, I don't see passion or blatant Homosexual lust .... I see two men touching .... it is a moment .... AND I am not attracted to either of them, hence I do not find the physicality sexually enticing ..... :)

Peace and Blessings

Lil Sparrow

Daniel said...

"...we each have a right to approve or disapprove of each other's life styles..."

Unfortunately, Lil, in this current world, one's right to have a view which is 'unpopular' with some is often condemned.

But I can live with that! Cheers.