Monday, January 29, 2007


Photo (from Reuters) shows Susan Sarandon and Jane Fonda at anti-Bush, anti-Iraq War rallies held in the U.S. yesterday. Reuters reports that 'Tens of Thousands' attended.

Tens of bloody thousands! Where the hell are the rest of the 300,000,000 plus Americans? Are they so blind or apathetic or stupid that they can't see where Bush is leading them? Are they going to wait until the nukes begin falling before they begin to seriously protest, seriously try to rid their country of this reptilian fool and the nest of vipers that control him?

And the rest of the world, what about them? Why aren't there banner headlines across the world's media exhorting worldwide protests against Bush, headlines declaring support for American activists, headlines exposing the great danger the world is facing? Where are the highly-paid journalists who are supposed to understand currents affairs and present to us the truth?

Where are the world leader's? Why aren't they speaking out strongly, condemning Bush and his war-mongering bandits, threatening retaliation if Bush escalates the Middle East conflict? Could there be some kind of connivance with Bush?

The world, prior to Hitler's grab for world domination was strangely somnolent, somewhat blind, unable or unwilling to grasp the reality that was occurring.

Just like now!


Coffee Messiah said...

The media has never posted anywhere near true numbers for any protest in many, many years here in the US.

From photos in DC, it was indeed way more than reported. Must keep it low so our fearless leader continues to believe he is right. (?)

The Libby trial is going to smoke all these people out, and finally the truth for the followers will appear so ugly, that they too will have to turn on GW!

Well, you'd think anyway!

Zoe said...

Dan, As long as governments are making lots of money and keeping on good terms with the other wealthy powers through trade or outright blackmail! they really don't care whether other nations are suffering, how many kids they are killing or how many species are becoming extinct etc etc. It just doesn't register on their CARE list. Governments are primarily concerned about the national economy and they don't care what tactics they use to keep it that way.
The people follow because they have been brainwashed into believing that the most important thing in life is what you own or what you don't own and have to get.
There will never be another revolutionary to stand up to multinational bullying simply because there are not enough people as back-up, who see it the way we do!
We are in a minority group my friend.
zoe xx

Daniel said...

Long live the minority, Zoe! The rest are sheep anyway.

Coffee, the numbers compared to the size of the population are low, very low. That's sad!

Lucyp said...

From little acorns etc etc. After what happened to Jane Fonda in the Vietnam War, huge kudos to her for putting her head on the block again.

Daniel said...

Yes, she is certainly brave! Hopefullly the protest will spread to the rest of the Americans who currently appear to be asleep!

Anonymous said...

A day's protest does not matter. What would matter is if the protesters came to Washington and did NOT go home at the end of the day!
These protests are ignored and marginalized because they are seen as temporary annoyances, not the working of popular will.
Organizers should have buses from different parts of the country staggered so as one group left, another would take their places, and the protest would NOT stop until the policies changed!
I remember the brave women of Greenham Common. Where are their American equivalents?

Daniel said...

Exactly, Anonymous. Several governments have been thrown out by People Power alone in the last few years. All it requires is a bit of conviction and courage.

Hopefully Americans will find it before it's too late!

Gracie said...

This administration doesn't care about protesters or "we the people" and they've made it quite clear in the past 6 years. I am watching a train wreck fast approaching but only a few can see the results which will be more than a friggin" scratch.

I HATE this!

Daniel said...

Amen to that! There seems to be a bewilderment in America even among the activists who, in the main, seem unable to see what must be done: throw George and his Outlaws out of office.

It can be done. It must be done.