Monday, February 05, 2007


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There are strong calls in the U.S. to impeach Bush. But what does this mean? According to Wikipedia the following is the impeachment process:

For a President to be impeached for "high crimes and misdemeanors", formal charges known as "Articles of Impeachment", which state the allegations, are introduced at the House of Representatives where they may be debated and, if consensus for a vote is reached, voted upon.

If any of the articles are approved by a simple majority, then the President is considered "impeached" and would then be tried by the United States Senate to determine his guilt or innocence. If a President is found guilty by two thirds of the Senate on any charge, the Constitution states that he must be removed from office and replaced by the Vice President. In the case of President Bush, if he were successfully removed from office, Vice President Richard Cheney would be immediately sworn in as President.

Now call me old-fashioned but it seems to me that, after taking months of legal argy-bargy to get rid of Bush, if Cheney stepped into his shoes it would be like getting a retarded hyena out of the chicken coop and replacing it with a tiger. (As a point of interest, Clinton was eventually impeached by the Congress but not by the Senate so he remained as President. Nixon, of course, resigned before the impeachment process was completed.)

But Bush has already set the wheels in motion for the attack on Iran so what is the point of proceeding with a lengthy process that may never succeed? Yet Americans talk incessantly about this process as if there are no other options. It's kind of like sitting down and drawing up a detailed plan of how to fight a fire while your house is burning.

Deposing Bush and all his henchmen immediately is the only choice!


dining_philosopher said...

HAHAHA. This is extreme Bush bashing. I'm telling you again Daniel. deposing Bush wont make any difference. He is a perfect representative of the American society. He will be replaced by someone equally despicable. Deposing Bush is like deposing Osama Bin laden - their place will be quickly taken by someone else. Its the underlying ideologies that need to be worked on.

Daniel said...

Look, DP, I agree. After I depose Bush I'll immediately begin rectification work on the 300,000,000 American people. Promise!


dining_philosopher said...

HAHAHAHA. Allright then.

Btw, you will enjoy this Python Sketch:

Daniel said...

Now listen, D.P., where I live the stagecoach only comes by once a week and I only have a dial-up connection not broadband.

Looking at videos is a non-event for me because it takes hours to download anything. Sorry but we hicks have a hard life.

Lucyp said...

Impeach and then try, prosecute and imprison.

Daniel said...

I think hanging is a better option, just like they used to do in the Wild West! Cheers!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

We here in America are quite well versed in the line of succession, and are acutely aware if we took Bush down, we'd be stuck with Cheney. However: Cheney would be stuck with an America that will hang the same rope around his neck, as decorated Bush's, should he attempt the same missteps.

And yes, Impeachment would take time. So why don't we just throw away the chips and dip, kick our way through the beer bottles, and "despose" the entire team? There are a number of answers, but the only one that matters is we are a nation of laws. We don't just "dump the bastards out" on a Saturday Night when there's nothing else to do, like some half baked banana republic. It sounds good, sure. But as soon as we do that, we stop being a nation of laws, and become "just another country", where the folks that can organize the biggest mob, wins. That is not why people from all countries of the world still lie, cheat, beg, and suffer greatly to get in this country. It is BECAUSE we are a nation of laws.

Are our efforts futile? So far, yes, and show no sign of getting better. So why are we still trying? For the same reason the Americans on flight 93 did. We are Americans, and we don't quit trying.

Daniel said...

Problem is, Future, that the very laws which made America great are now being used against it. Those same laws are stopping the quick deposing of Bush and, using his powers as Comm. in Chief, allowing him both to ignore the democracy which elected him and push on with his plans to escalate the war in the Middle East and to use nukes.

Sadly, all laws can be broken or circumvented by the unscrupulous!


dining_philosopher said...

But as soon as we do that, we stop being a nation of laws, and become "just another country"

Maybe you should tell that to thos thugs being held at Gitmo. or perhaps you should try to convince this man that you indeed are a nation of laws. I personally think that the US is at a point where its citizens have lost all sense of right and wrong and have to rely on the law book to tell them whats a "do" and whats a "dont". The problem with this is that a lot of people dont think its "wrong" to break a law (if they could get away with it). This requires perfect and rigorous law enforcement which is impossible. Also, the laws can never be perfect because they are created by humans. Any society of human beings needs something called morals and ethics which the Americans simply dont have. Anything goes as far as the Americans are concerned. So what is it that they call "values"? Maybe you should ask Howard Stern on whose show an 84-year old woman reach an orgasm recently (See this). Congratulations on your laws. Long live whatever the fuck it is that you call "liberty". Anything goes in the US.

Daniel said...

There certainly are those in the U.S. who exploit the law for their own advantage, D.P. but then this applies equally to all Western capitalistic nations.

There is decadence all over the world!