Saturday, January 27, 2007


Photo: Reuters.

Friends, you may think that every politician sees you as a powerful arbiter of their fate. In fact, this animal more accurately represents how you are regarded by politicians world-wide.

You will note four things: The first is that the animal is blindfolded and is therefore unable to see what is going on. This can be achieved with people rather simply. Just tell lies. It doesn't matter how big the lies are because few are going to check the facts and, even if they do and you are caught out, few people will remember. One monumental lie that stands out in my memory is that Iraq had nuclear missiles which could reach Australia and we were at risk.

Another method of blindfolding is to get into bed with the media barons. The media then acts as an unofficial P.R. unit for any government that enables it to increase its profit. It does this by softening its reporting on the favoured Party and vigorously attacking the Opposition. Another way to blindfold is to wrap yourself in the national flag, join in invasions and occupations in a small way, talk incessantly about terrorists and repeatedly tell the sheep how you are protecting them.

The second thing to notice is that the animal is begging. Voters, forgetting that the government is using their money to fund their activities, become beholden to the government for handouts, usually in the form of tax relief or increases in things like child-care allowances, medical insurance rebates, etc. At election time people look to see which party is going to offer the biggest reward.

The third major thing to notice is that the animal is standing on a very thin, narrow surface and is at risk of toppling down. That is the nature of democracy. It is fragile and insubstantial.

The forth thing, and perhaps the most worrying, is that the animal, for small rewards, has allowed itself to be totally controlled by its handlers.

Voters should remember that the steel cage of despotism and Big Brother is never far away!


mary walsh said...

Daniel, you appear to have an understanding of politics that scares me a little.

You're not a cupboard politician yourself by any chance?...among us idiots who allow our every democratic right to be curtailed in favour of sport. While we're talking ball games we're not watching them govern away our rights.

What is really frightening is John Howard's inability to be held accountable for anything bad that has gone on in the ten years of his reign as our Australian Prime Minister.

He just stares down the camera with a "who are the hell are you to question me look" and the media just quietly move on to the next sports story.

Only this morning I was talking to a friend saying how lucky we are to have the Age Newspaper and the SBS World Wide covering of events.

I do so hope we have a change of Government this year even if Mr Kevin Rudd has an unhealthy need to tell us, not about his sex life, but rather his religious one.
I think I would prefer the sex! Sex is after all a normal function, religion on the other hand, is in my humble opinion very abnormal!..born of a virgin? died on the cross for my sins 2000 years before I was even born? without asking me whether I wanted him to die on my account?, I am suppose to feel guilty and spent a life repenting! and then he rose from the dead, went off again as fast as he returned only to disappear yet again forever.

Both our Prime Minister and our potential Primer Minister actually believe all of the above.

But Daniel., we'll still have the sports pages to read as Big Brother continues to destroy this country because Australians are just too careless about their eroding freedoms.

May I suggest you write an article on the suggestion that the States give over their Water rights to the Commonwealth. Watch water go the way of Banks, Transport, Airports, Employment, Telecommunication. And of course lets not forget Medicare. Do you think perhaps we could privatise politicans jobs and give Government back to the real people?

Mary Walsh

Daniel said...

What a great comment, Mary! If all citizens were as astute as you are, the politicians would get away with nothing!

Coffee Messiah said...

Observation well made and great photo to go with it. ; (

These are indeed sad times we are living in. Manipulation by the media, blinded and dumbed down by TV, for those who can sit long enough. It's all become so boring here, it's help keep up on the book reading and information gathering!

Daniel said...

If George begins to throw nukes around boring won't be the right word, C.M.