Friday, January 26, 2007


It was a large venue, beautifully appointed. There were lots of seats, all of them full. Hundreds of nicely dressed men and women, the elite of American politics from both sides of the fence were there. Only the fence seemed to be missing!

A man came in...sorry, God came in. The crowd stood up and began to cheer and stamp their feet. It was like something out of Ancient Rome. The only thing missing was a toga and a laurel wreath! And of course the gladiators! But it seems the gladiators are in other countries, killing and being killed to appease God's ambitions.

The Speaker of the House, the woman in charge of the new Democrat majority called Pelosi, welcomed God who is called George. Now I grant you that George is not an auspicious name for a God. In fact it is a common, pedestrian name but popular among royalty it seems. George comes from royalty. I read that somewhere in his background is Royal Blood. Somehow it doesn't show! Or does it? The children of royal fornicators were often idiots.

Anyway, Pelosi welcomed him warmly, he who in theory was her political enemy. I keep waiting for her to leap upon him, tear at his throat with her teeth. But she didn't. She and Cheney, though enemies, smiled and began to perform a little dance together.

George began to speak. His voice would not launch a thousand ships yet he can. Nuclear-armed ships! He read his lines in a droning mumble. People applauded. They stood up! They sat down, repeatedly, following both Pelosi and Cheney, George's minder. You could've been forgiven for thinking it was a Republican Party Convention. Yet most of the people in attendance came from a Party that controls both Houses, one that, in theory, is diametrically opposed to everything that George stands for. You could've fooled me!

Not a single voice was raised in dissent. Not one. Everyone played the political game like the professionals they are.

Of course, they are an elite group of people who are elected by the voters to represent them. But instead they cleverly represent themselves...and the Lords of Big Business, just like they do in Australia.

George is still talking, something about TERRISTS! He is careful to mention a number of time that he is protecting the American people and ridding the world of the Forces of Evil, " Those who just hate our freedom and liberty and democracy." He chants it over and over, perhaps thinking that people in his audience are deaf. Or dumb! Or both! Perhaps he's right.

Still not a voice was raised in protest over his six years of maladministration, the lies, the abject failures, not that I heard anyway.

I didn't see the rest of the show! I went outside to vomit!

Democracy has been bastardized. And George is one of the biggest bastards the world has even seen. And because he's stupid, possibly the most dangerous!

But, regardless, much of the world is nervously dancing to his tune, perhaps not realizing that soon it might become an apocalyptic dance of death.


Damian Zerek said...

It's simply a live presentation of the Piper and all the mice and children he controlled with the sound of his flute.

Daniel said...

What amazes me is how few folk see George for the threat he is! Is it a deliberate blindness or is George more clever than we think? Cheers!

Kvatch said...

Now I grant you that George is not an auspicious name for a God. In fact it is a common...

Hmmm...well if really does come from that royal line o' Georges, we can expect that he'll go start raving mad pretty soon. Oh wait a minute...