Saturday, January 27, 2007


This painting by Goya of Saturn devouring his Son symbolises not only that savagery and madness are part of the rich tapestry of Greek mythology but, perhaps, also of human existence.

The Pickton post a few days ago would give this observation some credence along with a million other things like the Holocaust, Hiroshima, The Spanish Inquisition, etc.

Do you think that the artist has fairly represented some aspects of mankind? What other reason might he have had for creating such a macabre work of art?


Coffee Messiah said...

Goya was one of the best, and obviously moved by the times and what he saw/felt.

Daniel said...

Imagine what he could do now, given the world as it now is?

Lucyp said...

I always found this picture very symoblic of the state of Goya's mind.
I would guess he saw mankind devouring itself with its actions and considering this was early 19th Century, we are still devouring ourselves almost 200 years later.
Edvard Munch's 'scream' sums up my feelings about the World at present.

Daniel said...

I am drawn by Munch's painting also. Thank heavens for artists! Cheers