Monday, January 08, 2007


This Google image beautifully captures the continual, vain attempt by humans to escape the severe limitations of this earthly domain and their mortal, flawed selves.

Various methods have been tried: the building of high pyramids, the creation of a multitude of mythical Gods and religions, the taking of drugs, the amassing of fortunes, the seizing of great political power, sordid immersion in fleshy delights, adrenalin rushes created by extreme risk-taking, the excitement of killing large numbers of people, the creation of Empires, space travel, mysticism, cyrogenics, embalming.... You name it - humans have tried it!

Yet still, like the bird, no matter how high we may fly, eventually we are still bound by the same immutable laws that govern the life of all living things both great and small.

You'd think that this grim, hovering reality would bring us closer together.

You'd think!

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