Monday, January 08, 2007


In recognition of my good Aunt and the healing qualities of red wine and sleep, I submit this photo of myself, one taken only this morning.

How the camera managed to capture my essence so brilliantly, I do not know, but we inhabit a strange world where some things are not easily explained.

After I have my coffee and toast I'm sure I'll be more presentable and the worrisome spectres will disappear as they always do. Aunt Pancho is currently saddling my mount and soon, once more, with undaunted spirit, we will attack every large windmill in sight with every bit of gusto and courage we have.

People, however, are a much more formidable foe!

P.S. The artist who created this painting is a true genius. It's actually two paintings in one.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a Salvador Dali--any comments?
Jazzy Syren

Daniel said...

Jazzy, if you look at Goggle Images using the Don Quixote label you'll find the painter. Clever, isn't he?