Sunday, January 07, 2007


Poor Danny, the world has got to him today. It happens to people like him, people who are sensitive, educated, artistic, and have travelled a great deal, seen the ancient civilizations of Eygpt, Greece, Rome, Persia....or what's left of them, trod where all those long-departed, long-forgotten people have trod; and had far too much time to think, to reflect on mortality.

Unlike him, I haven't travelled much. I'm glad. My world is much smaller than his, more composite, more understandable: bingo, knitting, going to the shops, having my hair done once a week, doing my gardening. It not that exciting but it's what many of the people in the world do each day. Some, less lucky than me, don't even get to do that. For them each day is often an ordeal.

Danny's world, his imaginary world, the one he wished existed, is filled with fine ideals, with unbending loyalty, with equality and love and peace and fairness. These things rarely exist in the real world, I tell him, this beautiful, chaotic world with its often ugly people.

Resultantly, Danny is frequently disappointed. Most of the time he feels like a round peg in a square hole. To tell the truth, he just doesn't belong in this world! Never has.

He's drinking some red wine currently and will retire early. Tomorrow, because of his underlying optimism, his wish to make things better, he'll rise up and furiously tilt at windmills once again.

I'll be there to support him.


islandamazon said...

I just stopped by here unexpectedly I couldnt pass up the blogname as I am a sucker for all things utopia. Three cheers for square pegs, idealsim, love everlasting, rebellion and quixote!I will definitley be back and lend some 2 dimensional support come visit me in cyberspace too. I actually live IN harmony ( my community was started by a cooperative of Finnish utopian socialist miners in british columbia in 1901 and has maintained its communitarian values for over 100 years out here in the wild coast of the pacific northwest)or at least as close at it gets.

iMuslim said...

Aww, everyone needs a supportive aunt like you, Aunty D!

This might cheer ol' Danny up - there are people out there who are trying to improve the world, one plastic bag at a time!