Monday, January 08, 2007


"...and think a lot less about what someone in Surry Hills, Perth, or Timbuctu might be saying on their blogs."

Hullo, Possums, these were a few of the priceless words of advice contained in a mini-lecture given to Danny recently, a lecture which followed his offer of a truce with a fellow blogger (one from Surry Hills who used to be a member of Danny's team).

Now hands up all those who don't care if people say nasty or demeaning things about them! Come on now, don't be shy. What, no hands? That's strange. Are you trying to tell me that you all care about what is said about you? Well, I never.

My dears, surely it is only human to want people to speak well of you and to find disturbing those who, behind your back, would blacken your name. For example, if I called the person who gave this fatuous advice a 'Horse's Arse' I would feel sure that, in his heart of hearts, he would be offended. I hasten to add I'm not calling him a 'Horse's Arse' because if I really wanted to call him something nasty I would choose much more colourful terms! Much. After all, my father was a Waterside Worker for a time! Besides, I like horses.

Of course, as I get around a number of blogs as part of my accelerated education, I'm aware that there is a lot of bickering and back-biting on many blogs though some are a delight. Some people are discourteous, even rude both to each other and about others! And there's a lot of bad language and hostility, even signs of hate.

The reason, it seems to me, is that 50 odd million blog authors are in fierce competition with each other for an audience. In fact, most of the 50 odd million blog authors ARE the bloody audience! Perhaps that's why it's take-no-prisoner time out there in blogsville. 50 odd million people are in their trenches, engaged in a fight to the death with each other in an undeclared war. It's not for the faint-hearted. Denigrating and destroying other bloggers might soon become a Ph.D program (Phishing to Destruction).

I, Danielle Muriel Wittlerspoon, Seamstress, think this is why the word 'loyalty' has become a scarce commodity in sighberspace, why someone who is your closest friend one minute is your worst enemy the next. It's all about ratings, numbers of comments, even the 'status' (real and imagined) of those making the comments. Some commenters even give themselves pretentious names like Marvellous Marcel or William the Spunky Stud. Perhaps I should call myself Mary Magdalene! Or Joan of Arc!

Seriously though, will it eventually lead to bloggers burning each other's homes down? Will people physically attack each other and call it blog-rage? Will lawyers become even richer because of blogging defamation suits? Where will it all end?

I'm enrolling in a Kariate Course. Tomorrow! Cheerio. xxxxxxxxxxx


Zoe said...

Hi again Darl!
You know, from what I have seen it reminds me of high-school!
A huge popularity contest where the more comments equal a higher self esteem and ego trip for the author.
And just as was in high is transparent, short lived and childish!
Most of blogdom is ego driven.

People who have self worth and a healthy disregard for the superficial will see through this, not participate in it and eventually not worry about it because they know that they have much more to offer the world than stupidity.

I was picked on at school just as everyone else was....I got it for BOTH being popular and for being smart. Usually it's one or the fortunately, I figured this out early on. It doesn't matter what you do or say, there is always someone more insecure, nastier and disrespectful of others than you. If you look closely, they are the only ones doing the bullying.

Take heart, sweety, some of us couldn't give a rats 'you know what' about what those kind of people think of them!
Me included. Nomatter what your opinion or how contraversial, you are as entitled as anyone else to express it.
If I could express myself with the wonderful eloquence that Dan does on issues of huge importance, I would welcome the comments, give the commenters respect for their own opinion, thank them for making me aware of a different view and encourage civil debate.
Nastiness or vulgarity would simply be deleted.

REMEMBER.... when someone gets so bugged about something to comment in a heated fashion it means you have made them think about it!.....
And making people think about things is what Dan does best.
Zoe xx

Aunty Danielle said...

You are a sweetie, Zoe, and smart. You see the world more clearly than Danny does sometimes and expect less from it than he does.

He keeps thinking it can be changed but I think it's a forlorn hope. It's been much the same way for tens of thousands of years, dog eat dog, survival of the fittest.

Thank heavens there are some nice, decent people like you around who make it all worthwhile, the struggle that life often is. If Danny had a hundred people like you supporting him and then they did likewise and got another hundred people supporting them, in no time things would change.

Faint hope. There are too many self-seekers who care only about themselves, who wouldn't recognise loyalty if they fell over it!

Take care, Dear. You are very special! xxxxxxxxx

ezwin said...

All my life, until very recenty, I have wanted to change,on a grand scale,the world and peoples narcassistic attitude towards others and the environment.
I learned the hard way that this is a thankless, tiring and very,very unrealistic endevour.
The cogs of human consumption,selfishness and lack of compassion were set in motion before we were even born.
It will take far more than a few humans to halt the proccess and revert to a social structure which is fair and just.
You are right, 'dog eat dog' is all it is about. Until there is a giant shift in the consciousness of the human race nothing will ever change.
I think it starts with making one decent connection....then if the good will spreads from there, we have done our job.
I would much rather one decent friend than 20 thousand dickheads.(sorry for my language!)
You take care too, Darl!

; >
Zoe xxx

Aunty Danielle said...

Boy, you have really put your finger on it in that comment, dear Zoe. I think if most humans ever took a really good, hard, honest look at themselves there would be mass panic.

Until they do, little will change.

Cheerio. xxxxxxxxxxx