Saturday, January 13, 2007


Photo Source: Beep, Beep.

It's Sunday tomorrow in Australia and it is likely that hundreds of thousands of people will dress up and go off to their favourite Church, and, in pleasant if sometimes austere surroundings, they will sing hymns and listen to verses from the Bible (the procedure may vary and the Holy Day may be different as well as the Holy Book for other religions but the intent is the same).

A Minister or Priest or Archbishop will give a sermon extolling them to observe a virtuous life, a saintly life, a Godly life, the type that all sinners are supposed to aspire to even if they can never achieve it because, by definition, they are sinners.

I wonder sometimes why a questioning member of a congregation doesn't stand up and call out:

"Listen, mate, you with the collar. Don't give me that humbug! You say that God made everything. God made me. If God made me a sinner how then can He expect me to be a bloody Saint? If he wanted a Saint why didn't he make me one? My wife would've been pleased! What's the point of making something with a serious flaw in it then saying in a thunderous voice you'll throw it in the everlasting furnace when it fails? Doesn't make sense. Your God must have a few screws loose.

Then there's the question of His Son. The one in the picture there, dying in a most horrible way! According to you, He sent his Boy down to be nailed up yet you stand up there and tell us that He's a God of love! Gawd help me, I'm sure glad I didn't have a father like that I can tell you. Then there's all those politicians, praying like mantises and killing like them too. And all those members of the cloth molesting all those kids. Fair makes me sick.

And what about those men of religion living in luxurious Palaces and rich religious folk making money, so much money they can't spend it all, while most of the world starves. All religions are basically the same, mate, all killing each other while talking about love and promising heavenly rewards that, like Lotto, so few humans, if any, can win. I'm going to the pub. There's plenty of bull there but there's heaps more here!"

Food for thought?


Coffee Messiah said...

Re: War Prayer by Mark Twain.

Whenever the zealots mention their so called "christianity" in times like this, I think of this powerful little tome by Twain. ; )

Daniel said...

Welcome to Seeking Utopia, C.M. The more the merrier!

Zealots of any colour are dangerous people. Cheers.