Sunday, January 14, 2007


Dear Friends, this extract come from an article written by Charles Sullivan, an American. The full article, which I urge you to read, can be found on THE PEOPLES VOICE (see links) and is called: GEORGE. W. BUSH. SYMPTOM OF A DISEASE.

Our imperial leader, an impish little man with clear sociopathic symptoms, is incapable of empathy for the struggles of the common people, as those born into wealth and privilege often are. The man with his finger on the nuclear detonator is mentally ill, incapable of remorse—a fact that should terrify every world citizen. I do not say this out of malice or to demean the president; it is simply a statement of fact based upon quantifiable evidence that any student of psychology would easily recognize.

The fact that such a misfit could ascend to the presidency is testimony to the effectiveness of the capital system. Under capitalism, political power is not derived from the people, as would be the case in a democracy; nor does it not flow from the bottom up—it matriculates from the top down. It is really quite simple: The men and women who are in office were put there by people with immense wealth to represent the interests of the wealthy, to make money for them. And that is exactly what they are doing.

In many ways, George W. Bush is the perfect man for the job, if one understands what his real work entails as an emissary of the ruling class. He possesses all of the qualifications the vocation requires: callousness and indifference to the needs of others, the absence of conscience, truncated mental capacity; the inability to reason and to analyze; the incapacity to admit wrong doing; a penchant for cruelty that includes the enjoyment of inflicting pain and torture on others, as well as a powerful sense of nobility and entitlement that stems from being born into wealth and privilege. He is also a pathological liar.

Certainly no man of conscience or integrity could so easily betray the people of America he is sworn to serve. That is why George W. Bush is the right man for the job and he is abetted by a compliant Congress acting under the influence of corporate lobbyists. But the president and his accomplices in Congress are only symptoms of a more pervasive disease that deeply afflicts our political system—capitalism...”

If this is part of what an American thinks of George Bush, why is our Prime Minister so oblivious to his severe shortcomings and the danger he poses to the world and why does he try to imitate Bush so closely?


Granny said...

An apt description.

Daniel said...

I think it understates somewhat. Great to hear from you, Granny.

With an Aunt and a Granny to keep me in line, I can't go wrong! Cheers!

Zoe said...

And a zoe, Dan.
I'm here to do just that also! hehehehe

Why you asked? Because sucking up to whom ever is the leader of the US is in his and his big business friends best interest.
MONEY pure and simple!
Thats all they bloody well think about....I've seen how these ppl operate on the inside and its not pleasant, fair, democratic or kind.

Zoe xxx Missed ya mate, glad to be home!

Daniel said...

Well we're glad you're back, Zoe! Look forward to hearing some details (those you can reveal).

You've been missed! xxxxxxx

Kingsley said...

Hellooo All...

Just though this article in China View titled 'Special report: Iran Nuclear Crisis' might be of interest:


Damian Zerek said...

Wow I wonder when someone will write a book entitled "Ramblings of a Dangerous Mind" It would be the biography of this president.

Gracie said...

What a picture, yikes!

The descriptions of our dear boyking are disturbingly accurate which should scare the hell out of all of us. It will take generations to repair the damage caused by this administration and that's being optimistic.

Daniel said...

Kingsley, thanks for the link. I'll check it out!

Damian, to attribute a mind to George might be a bit of a stretch.
Gracie, if he is allowed to continue on his current course there may be nothing left to repair!

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to comment. Cheers!