Monday, January 15, 2007


Seeking Utopia has stumbled upon a scoop! Rice and Abbas are engaged.

No I don't mean they are necessarily bright, admirable, likeable people though they well might be, but they are engaging with each other as seen above (Reuters take such beautiful photos, don't they?). Now I don't mean engaging in any physical way though holding hands is a start. Stop it now, Possums, this minute! I'll have no smut on my posts.

People who are engaging with each other are engaged! Of course they are. Didn't you go to school? Yes, folks, you heard it first on this blog, a blog dedicated to presenting the truth about serious matters, a blog that despises all trivialisticators. I think they make a lovely couple, don't you? I mean, his white hair and her black skin, it's so cosmopolitan, so groovy.

Now when I figured out they were engaged I was, like you, a little stunned. I said to Danny it seemed odd. After all, the U.S. has been against Fatah forever. Look how they hated Arafat, the last President, the Fatah one who used to wear a tea towel on his head. They said he was a terrorist, that he wasn't a partner for peace.

Mind you, Israel doesn't give much indication that it's a partner for peace either what with all those incursions and house demolitions. Property development must be big in the Holy Land as those nice Israeli settlements all over the West Bank show. Now look, I'm not taking sides now. Politics and religion is something I stay away from. Engagements are another matter.

Now as you should know if you've been paying attention, Abbas is the new President and a member of the the Fatah group, you know, the ones that lost the election to Hamas in a democratic election. Yes, you didn't misread it! LOST! And Condi is the Secretary of State, one of the most powerful people in the world. In my days secretaries only got the tea and slept with the bosses. My, how things have changed.

Now when Fatah lost the election, the U.S. immediately supported it. Why you ask? Possums, you must understand the U.S. always defends the underdog! Well, the underdog that licks its boots anyway. Was that nasty? I didn't mean it to be that way, really. Do you think I'm stupid? I don't want a missile to land on my house or to be rendered or waterboarded.

So the U.S. immediately cut off funding to the new Hamas Government as a sign that it encourages it doesn't encourage democratically elected governments it doesn't like. Take a tip from me: forget about all that government by the people for the people stuff. When you next vote, wherever in the world you may be, ask yourself: Which government will America approve of ?

So, without funds and a bit of a gee-up from the IDF, Hamas has been crippled. But that wasn't enough for America. Overkill is something they excel in. Came from the Terminator movies I think. Or was it Rocky? The coupe de grace (excuse my French) for Hamas was when they decided that Rice and Abbas should be engaged! What a brilliant political move.

The Americans are known worldwide for their brilliant political moves though worldwide opinion doesn't often reflect it. Of course, in the olden days, marriages of convenience between the leaders of warring countries often took place. History repeats itself, eh? Lovely! Wonder if Condi needs a matron of honour?

Well, I hope that Condi and Abbas are very happy despite the difference in their ages and cultures. What their grey kids will eventually think of it all I can't imagine.

But Condi will look nice in white. All those teeth glinting...


Coffee Messiah said...

I cringe every time I hear "america, this 'n that" as it's the Rich that seem to be wielding Power that continues to spiral out of control.

Forget the Polls, most people don't accept these "ideals".

Unfortunately, unlike Europeans, the Masses here are afraid to get out on the street enmasse and Protest.

We're back in the Dark Ages here, as the Government is watching every move, and you never know if they're going to be coming after you ; (

What a Democracy, eh? ; (

Daniel said...

I guess the original idea of a democracy wasn't that when you reached eighteen you could vote. You were supposed to be informed, care about your country and be mature.

Sadly, the reality is far different!

Damian Zerek said...

Nicely put, nicely put. I think they need a best man (hard calling Bush a best man!).

Daniel said...

I agree, Damian! He is best described as a madman. Cheers!

Lucyp said...

I am no psychologist but i have a friend who is and one of the traits she pointd out about someone once was the way they shook hands. Most people hold out the hands sideways, but there is a trait among the powerful to hold out their hand with the palm facing downwards, forcing the other persons beneath theirs.
Can't remember exactly the erasonign but it was somethign alongthe lines of 'showing someone their place' which was beneath them.
Just came into my mind when i saw this pictire with Condi's hand on top.

Aunty Danielle said...

What you didn't notice was that her other hand was in his wallet! Cheers.

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