Saturday, January 13, 2007


This is the result after George's ESCALATION speech. Apparently there were no more than a handful of protesters outside the White House according to Reuters.

While the man in the picture and several others nearby may be seriously concerned American citizens where are at least six or seven million other concerned Americans? Why aren't they there, protesting the actions of their imbecilic Commander in Chief who is propelling the world closer and closer towards the precipice of extinction?

Has the media in America (headed by Murdoch) completely lobotomised the population, taken away their capacity to see what is going on, to realise how dangerous Bush is? Why won't American voters get off their bums and get rid of the fool , by force if necessary, before he causes further damage?

Or are the American people in the main simply too busy gorging at the trough of materialism or, with calculators in hand, watching their shares going up in value, to be concerned about what their leader is doing to the world and their country's image in the world (which has never been lower)?

I find this photograph very disturbing. It suggests that George will continue on his merry way DESPITE the fact that he lost both Houses. As he continues to stir the Muslim World, continues to begin more wars against Muslim nations, and continues to escalate the current conflicts, when they retaliate, which is to be expected, then he'll play the fear card which, politically, always works so well with Americans. George is deliberately creating terrorism, not defeating it!

George Bush is a huge liability, to America, to the world! Please, Americans, get him out of the White House. Now!


Gracie said...

Yes, most of us know he's destroying the planet and have done everything in our power to stop the insanity. When we do march in the streets, the numbers are minimized and we get no media attention. The last anti-war rally in DC had over 300,000 people participate yet we didn't get any coverage whatsoever.

There should be more involved, I know, but remember he does not represent most of the people. He's gone completely off the deep end yet nothing we do matters to him. It's simply terrifying.

Daniel said...

We experience similar feeling with our Prime Minister, Gracie. The difference is that he's a minnow whereas Bush is a shark!

Thanks for dropping by. My support is with the American people who, like you, care! Cheers.

Coffee Messiah said...

The lack of media coverage is as sinful as GWs little wargames ; (

Because there are only 5 major media outlets, as opposed to at least 13, ten or more years ago, is why it appears there are no protests.

Even here, in the middle of a huge red state, some small towns had vigils. You'd never know it, unless you spoke to people who were there.

Gracie said...

Thanks so much, Daniel. We need all the support we can get, believe me. I'm sorry you have to deal with similar political issues with your PM however nobody can compare to Bush.

Again, I really appreciate you stopping by. You're always welcome to add a voice from down under.

Daniel said...

C.M. the control of the media by capitalists means that democracy cannot function properly.

The reason? Obviously they are going to push views and political parties which allow them to make more money and tone down or suppress information which might threaten their cosy, powerful position. It is a worry!

Gracie, Howard is a dwarf-like version of Bush except that he has no real military power or world status.

Cheers to you both.

Coffee Messiah said...

I know too well about the media. I worked in a couple of different capacities in the Hearst Corp from '78 - 97.

It finally became too much. When I started, I read at the time, the "best(?)" biography of WRH, so as I immersed myself in my job, I learned early on just how the wheels are greased ; (

Thanks for popping by too!

Daniel said...

My pleasure, C.M. I too worked in the 'meedja' and know something about how it works or, more importantly, doesn't work! Cheers.

Stardust said...

Everyone rejoiced when the Democrats took over the House and the Senate and looking forward to change and a start to end the war in Iraq. But that has not happened, and Chimpy is going to do whatever the hell he wants to do for whatever psychotic reasons in his own brain that he isn't sharing with any of the rest of us. He doesn't want to leave office as a failed President (too late to worry about that Georgie!)so is going to keep trying...and failing, at the cost of many more lives on all sides.

It's frustrating to me right now that the Dems seem so wimpy. There are no calls to rally around, no plans of what to do, while Bush keeps riding on his high horse leading us to who knows where.

Can't wait for 2008 and hopefully we will survive till then. I pity the poor next president who is left to clean up King George's mess.

Daniel said...

If George continues on his present course, there will be no one around to clean up the mess. Except perhaps the rats and cockroaches. Cheers!