Thursday, January 11, 2007


Photo: thanks to Written Rebellion.

Well, folks, despite losing both Houses, Emperor George has spoken. From his vacant simian face came a tumult of words which, condensed, could be summarised by one word: ESCALATION!

The cowardly retard, who avoided active duty in Vietnam, is really enjoying playing with his antique lead toy soldiers, moving them around, feeling THE POWER, using THE POWER. He's convinced that war is the answer! The sharemarket booms in encouragement!

The rest of the day he attends briefings where decorated, uniformed generals and admirals (who think he's the village idiot) grovel and scrape and nod. He entertains foreign leaders (who think he's the village idiot - but not our John, Tony or Olmert). He gives radio addresses, prays, and plays with his dog (who knows he's the village idiot). He runs the biggest farce in the world from the White House. Shame there are so few laughs and so many dead and injured civilians in other countries with lots more to join them soon.

Iran and Syria have been given notice that they will be attacked. More U.S. killers (called marines) are going to what's left of Iraq to wreak even more destruction with their missile launchers and tanks and helicopters and bombers. This is in spite of the fact that terrorists can't be beaten by a traditional army (remember Vietnam, Northern Ireland, George?).

The puppet government of Maliki is to be further propped up, control of the oil-rich Middle East remains the main game in town as well as continuation of the blind, immoral support of the brutal, imperialistic Israeli regime. That loud gnashing you can hear is my teeth! They imagine they are sunk into George's throat.

The only tangible result of Bush's new vision, part 23? The further alienation of the whole of the Muslim World and another giant step closer to the War To End All Wars (because there'll be nothing left of our planet or us)!

Good one, George! Perhaps you'll get lead poisoning soon. We can but hope.

UPDATE: John Howard agrees with George Bush and his ESCALATION! It's incredible! Can you believe it? Our independently-minded Prime Minister finally falls into line. Like Humpty Dumpty, I'm shattered! I may not recover.


dining_philosopher said...


If US leaves, the Sunni will be butchered by the Shia. George of the Jungle is set to lose either way. I feel sorry for Iraqis who were dragged into this mess by the this neanderthal.

Btw, Whos aunty daniella? Is she your alter ego? Is your real name Norman Bates? :)

Daniel said...

Hey, D.P. Welcome! I don't think that George will lose. The bigshots never lose. It's the little people in all countries that lose.

Given the numbers of bodies found each day in Bagdad, the Sunnis and Shia are killing each other already and the Americans are there! If they add to the killing by increasing troop numbers how does that make anyone better off?

Regarding who is my Aunt, I will leave it to her to answer that question (but if you look back over a few previous posts on Seeking Utopia, I think you'll get the picture - my tip: don't tangle with her - and she loves gentlemen)!


Aunty Danielle said...

Danny told me you were asking after me. I've interrupted my knitting to respond.

Now I can't call you D.P. It sounds like a tonic or a sauce. I shall call you Phil, (short for Philosofur). What exactly is a philosofur? Must have to do with trapping, surely.

Now, more importantly, information about me. Could I suggest you read my profile first but keep in mind that the photo shown is not me! I am considered very attractive and enquiries I've made reveal you are single. Dear, dear, Phil...

Uncover who I am and we'll talk further. It will be a meeting of minds. I don't mind. By the way, do you like scones? Mine are simply scrumptious. Just like me.

Cheerio. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Aunty Danielle said...

P.S. Phil, Darling. I'm sorry I didn't address your question about, am I Danny's alter ego? No, Dear, I'm his Aunt.

As far as I know he doesn't have an alter ego. In fact, he's not religious at all!

Sweet dreams, my Prince! xxxxxxxxxx

Kingsley said...

Hi Daniel - and Aunty too!

Just arrived back on home soil and it seems both the world - and your blogging - has been busy. The day I left the UK I arrived at my hotel thinking that I hadn't missed anything; then turning on the cable TV I see that not only has the airport up the road from me (Madrid) had been bombed with 2 dead (allegedly ETA - no comment here) - but also that Saddam had been left hanging.... the world surely turns fast...

And now, has can these events be harmonised? The answer is, as you rightly pointed out, to escalate the violence.

We are governed illegally by psycopaths - check out the book 'Ponerology' - -

Also - I think moving to an open blog is a good idea... it creates no barriers - even though it leaves the blog open to deliberate rants, it shows that the blog is able to stand against such attacks - transparency can be helpful in a world of deception -

Finally, an interesting post on 'Sock Mobs' - those who maliciously post deliberate attacks in swarm form - see



Daniel said...

Kingsley, great to hear from you! I guess the open blog has its advantages and disadvantages just as the restricted access one does.

But I'm far better prepared this time to deal with the lurking blogspiders and egomaniacs and psychopaths. My Aunt makes me eat a kilo of bridge spikes for breakfast each morning. I also have a punching doll that I beat up on with a baseball bat each night.

No pretentious academic smart-arse or criminal-lowlife or 'Tsarina of Trivia', etc, will succeed in raining on my parade again.

Catch you soon!

iMuslim said...

Though i am often tempted to call the current US president bad names (very bad), i simply cannot call him stupid. Cos somehow this guy, this very curious individual, ended up securing the most influential seat of power in the entire human world.

Surely that is the work of a sneaky devil and not a complete moron?

His actions seem tactless but he certainly does have a plan, or at least the people that put him in power, and then kept him in power, have a plan.

Rule number one of warfare: never, ever, EVER, underestimate the enemy. As soon as you do, they've won.

Daniel said...

Z....., welcome! Each time you visit, have a look at the BUSHISMS in the sidebar! You may change your mind about the word 'stupid' (which I stand by).

However, I do concede that, like John Howard, he has a degree of cunning. But, really, the truth is that he's no more than a dumb figurehead who was elected mainly because of his family name.

But worse, his lack of intellectual capacity means he is an easily manipulated figurehead that now represents all that is bad in America: greed, elitism, corruption, imperialism, etc.

I believe that the combination of his stupidity, his vast power, and the fact that he appears to be suffering from megalomania, make him a danger to the world.

Hope I'm wrong! Cheers.

Lucyp said...

How kind of George Bush to endanger 21,000 other peoples lives.
The guy is a hero. Sorry, i meant W@*&!//.

Daniel said...

Sadly, George and Olmert, in combination, seriously threaten the lives of every human being on the planet.

Once the dominoes begin to fall...