Friday, January 12, 2007


While headlines around the world shout things like U.S. LAWMAKERS HAMMER BUSH ESCALATION and EUROPE POURS COLD WATER ON BUSH PLANS and ARAB WORLD DISMISSES BUSH PUSH our little Prime Minister, like the inevitable naughty boy in the classroom, heaps praise upon the MAN WHO WOULD BE GOD, a MAN rejected by his own people!

The important issue is not one of questioning Howard's sanity and judgement in continuing to support Bush but asking: where does this unabashed grovelling leave Australia in the eyes of the world, particularly the Muslim world which surrounds us?

Bush, when he departs the scene, assuming there is still a scene to depart from, will be dismissed as the most pathetic President America has ever had, an aberration, a terrible mistake, a simpleton, a megalomaniac. The American people collectively won't be blamed because George didn't reveal his glaring deficiencies until AFTER he got into office.

But Howard won't have excuses like these. Nothing explains or forgives his unswerving, servile backing of Bush and his gang of rapacious, blood-thirsty neocons as they continue to sink, just like the Titanic. And neither will Blair! But at least he is finally back-tracking like crazy, trying to distance himself from current American policy, rowing away from the Bush Titanic as fast as he can.

When the Bush Titanic disappears from view, John Howard will hopefully disappear with it but with him goes the image of the Australian people as believers in the fair-go for everyone.

In our part of the world, we will have to live with the results of Howard's flawed judgement and pathetic sycophancy for decades.

Thanks, John. For nothing!


Worried said...

Sorry that our friends Down Under must bear such a cross, but pity us northern cousins who must endure BUSH! May God have mercy on us when the day of reckoning arrives!!

Hi Daniel> So glad that you fixed it so we can access your blog! Now in addition to your other cross, you'll have to endure comments from Is America Burning. We appreciated your comments over here but surely missed popping over to visit you.

One question: In your sidebar you refer to snide remarks on W.A. Please say that you weren't referring to ME! (WA at Is America...)I do not knowingly post snide remarks but ill phrased comments may appear so.

Blog is looking GOOD!

Daniel said...

Worried, don't worry! W.A. refers to Western Australia, a place where there are a few odd hill-billies but certainly not your good self.

It's great to have your input on S.U. because the more we talk together as world citizens the more chance of eventually achieving world peace.

Also it lessens parochialism which permeates Australian blogs. Cheers!