Tuesday, January 09, 2007


It's the newest thing in the salacious salons of the Upper Classes: Fancy Hat Balls For Holy Rollers. This happy snap (thanks to Reuters) shows part of the Grand Parade where the contestants, grouped by gender, in this case males over thirty-five who never smile, await judgement from the distinguished Panel.

The Panel itself sit unseen in a line of confession boxes and is said to include senior representatives from both the Vatican and the Very, Very High Church of England (the Baptist Theologians were invited to send a judge but they declined) who note things like deportment, hand gestures, sombreness, regality, poise, and, besides the all important fancy hats, the suitability of matching garb.

The Panel was hard pressed to distinguish between participants in this group because of the lavish finery which they wore over their dinner suits and the high quality of the mitres which, as you can see, consist of a tall pointed cleft cap with two bands hanging down at the back.

After much deliberation the man in the centre of the photograph, a merchant banker, was awarded the grand prize because of the inventiveness of the large 'A' which he'd sewn on the front of his glorious headdress.

When asked what it stood for, he replied, "Assumption." People clapped enthusiastically. Some cried, Hallelujah!

But then, when he said, "It's the name of my best racehorse," there was a long silence which was eventually broken by the sounds of the first Waltz.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laughs, Daniel. I'll call again.

Mary Walsh said...

Daniel, your Mission Statement informs us that you are dedicated to trying to prevent mankind from destroying itself and your sense of humor shines through when you add - nothing overly ambitious!!!

I wish you luck in that my friend.

If one looks at the subject matter listed under "jottings" you cover it is all there - hanging out in differing shades of blue, what the problems of the world are generated from! The greed and the power hungry, the religious zealots who believe in their own God given right to tell the rest of us how to live our lives. Those who believe they have superiority over society in general.

Including the politicians with their power to make laws which only impact on the individual at a personal level, and as such should not be the topic of Government Business. An example is - Our right to free speech among friends with the Suicide Related Materials legislation which came into effect in January 2006 - a law which makes me liable to a $110,000 fine for discussing suicide methods with a terminally or chronically ill person.

Types, similar to those happy little chappies in the photograph were responsible for ensuring the Law was implemented through their ability to lobbying the Federal Government under the pretense of helping "vulnerable" depressed people.

A heroin trafficker can be given a full Catholic Funeral attended by twenty priests - but I can't hold a personal conversation or send an email about the easier way to end a painful life.

Religion is the epitomy of hyprocry and seeing a photo of some of them running around playing dress up in expensive garb while screaming "poor" as they collect coins in their "Mass Collection Plates" from families struggling to survive to fund their lavish life style makes me want to puke!

Your humor, Daniel is well placed to offset my anger - I like statire but I am not good at it.....You can keep me smiling if only through gritted teeth! Which reminds me - can you address the loss of "The GlassHouse" on Channel Two...or have you done that and I've missed it?

Keep on - keeping on!

Mary Walsh

Daniel said...

Dear Mary, thanks for your insightful, positive and detailed comment. People like you are what makes blogging enjoyable.

I haven't done anything about the Glass House so I'll leave that one to you. Generally speaking, I am concerned about the moves against the ABC by the current right-wing government. Cheers!