Sunday, January 21, 2007


Possums, it's your favourite Aunt here presenting for your enjoyment another one of my posts which have become world-famous!

Australia has become world-famous too. The BBC has actually made mention of Australia in connection with a snake invasion, one caused by the drought!

Now, Dears, I don't know about you but I simply loathe snakes. I know they are a protected species and all that, but, fair dinkum, my skin crawls when I hear the name. If I saw one up close, I swear I'd probably drop dead.

It all started in the Garden of Eden when that jolly snake slithered into Eve's life and caused all manner of problems for mankind so they say. Then it was Cleopatra I think, who clutched an asp to her bosom. Mind you, I've clasped a few 'asps' to my bosom in my time but they were more the two-legged variety. Memories...

I've also met a few snakes-in-the-grass as well, the type of people who give you the warm hand of friendship while their other one is stabbing you in the back! Caesar found that out too late! So have I but I lived to tell the tale. They didn't!

Snakes have had a poor image for millenniums. They should probably hire a P.R. firm to improve their image. The P.R. firm would have an easier job with snakes than it would have with George. Anyway, BTW (notice my new blogging language), the reason for the snake invasion is that the loathsome creature...I mean the wonderful animals, are seeking moisture because, during a drought, there isn't much. So they are forsaking the joys of country living and heading for the cities where sprinklers at midnight are all the go!

Now Possums, you city folk need to be on the lookout. Some snakes are deadly as the death of a poor teenager a few days ago demonstrates. Brown snakes are particularly dangerous and aggressive. They are good at hiding in the grass and some of them, the saucy serpents, actually enter homes univited!

And remember, if you are bitten, apply a compression bandage to the bite and remain still if possible so that the poison doesn't spread throughout your body.

Well, I can't dillydally here all day. I have lunch to cook for Danny and this arvo I'll have a doze. I have to keep those wrinkles at bay in case love comes my way!

I'd sooner encounter love than a snake! Most of the time anyway.

Cheerio. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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