Saturday, January 20, 2007


I am amazed by the amount of ill-feeling that exists on many American blogsites concerning George W Bush. Finally the blinkers seem to have come off and Americans, at least a lot of them, are seeing clearly what kind of monster they have elected as President.

Quite frankly, seeing what Presidents are capable of (Nixon was another disaster) I hope that Australia never becomes a Republic. Why does any nation need yet another branch of government, one where great power is put into the hands of one flawed man (all men and women are flawed) who can over-ride the Parliament or Congress? The logic of it escapes me but then I'm part of the 'Throw another prawn on the Barbie' crowd.

However the reality is that Americans have elected a madman as President, one who could potentially bring about the end of our world. But what do Americans in the main do? They talk dejectedly about having to wait for two years and discuss possible doomsday scenarios. Talk about defeatism! Have Americans never heard of the French Revolution where the people rose up and cleansed their country of the corrupt royalty? The Bush Family is just another form of royalty who are treating them, the American voters, as peasants!

Even if their knowledge of history is limited, have they not witnessed over the past few years several despotic governments being brought down by People Power? Surely, as they drink beer and eat pretzels while lying half-asleep on the sofa, they've seen masses of people, ordinary people just like them, marching in the streets, camping outside Government Offices, holding rallies? They must have seen footage of deposed, strong-arm leaders flying the coop in fear of their lives, surely?

Is belief in THE AMERICAN WAY so strongly indoctrinated into them that they're rendered totally impotent when a serious problem arises, and can do no more that sit around and drink beer and bewail their fate while Rome and potentially the world is burning?

If they made a mistake they should get out in the streets and fix it before it's too late for them and the rest of the world!



Coffee Messiah said...

It's unfortunate that people think all americans accept and actually voted for GWB ; (

Not only was it only a slight margin, but honestly, we don't think he won either election, as there were too many discrepancies in the voting booths around the nation.

It was with disbelief that he actuall was voted in a second time, by all the people I know.

Alas, because GW has run amuck, we've gone backwards in time, time where people have been led to believe their rights to go into the streets are "unamerican". This can go on, but you get the gist.

Because there is no draft, this has cut down on street activites en mass.

Bush is a fruitcake and finally others who didn't believe, now do.

Unfortunately we have two more years of his BS and I can only hope they'll impeach him, as he's certainly seems to have done more to deserve it, even than Nixon. And that's hard to do. ; (

Daniel said...

Two more years of Bush and his capitalist, right-wing religious mates, C.M., will mean there'll be no world worth having.

I don't think that many people realize the extreme danger he poses! He's like a precocious kid playing with a handgrenade.

Damian Zerek said...

I'd more consider him as a grenade without a pin than a precious kid with a grenade. Tough calling him precious!

Cheers! We'd better go enjoy what is left of our world before nothing is left!