Sunday, January 21, 2007


GEORGE: "Pssssst! 'Scuse me, Dick. Do you think people know which one of us is the dummy?"

DICK: "Shut up, George! Your jaw's squeaking again. I'll oil it tomorrow!"

Photo: Hat tip to The American Street.

UPDATE: 22/1/07. The first contingent of extra American troops has already begun arriving in Iraq and, on Saturday, 25 American soldiers were killed and a helicopter was shot down. The casualties figures will spike upwards over the next weeks, the lessons of Vietnam and the impossibility of winning a guerrilla war using conventional armies forgotten.

You could be forgiven for thinking that perhaps George actually won the recent elections and didn't lose both Houses because, in spite of the protest vote, HE is continuing his escalation of conflict in the Middle East. Who would know what foolishness HE'LL carry out next given that he's got two carrier groups on their way to the region and Britain is sending more warships.

The Democrats have proven to be a mob of impotent cowards and they seem incapable of getting the bull out of the china shop or hog tying it. Activists in America appear to be demoralized and seemingly can do no more than whinge about having to survive two more years of George. An easily-manipulated megalomaniac is on a rampage, one with his finger on the nuclear button, and no one in the world has the courage to stop him.

The weakness of American democracy, the failure of capitalism to inspire humans to rise above the level of pigs, and the extreme danger of allowing any nation to achieve the level of a militaristic superpower has been exposed for all to see.

Republics suck! Capitalism sucks! Militarism sucks.

Who will save us?


Kvatch said...

The Democrats have proven to be a mob of impotent cowards and they seem incapable of getting the bull out of the china shop or hog tying it.

IMHO, they've only got one viable alternative. Sure cutting off funding is a powerful statement but nothing more than that. Bush will find other sources or will just print more money. No, Bu$hCo has consistently claimed that his authority stems from the blanked War Powers Resolution passed by Congress on 14 September 2001.

So Congress must revoke that authority.

Daniel said...

Given what politicians mainly are, I don't believe that the Democrats will act in any decisive way. They are too scared of losing votes by appearing to be unpatriotic so they're playing it safe.

When you're dealing with a madman, one who talks to God, extreme measures are called for! Thanks for dropping by.

Coffee Messiah said...

He "ain't" talking to God, for that we can be sure.

It's a phrase to use as he has noting concrete to say on his own.

If there is a God, he/she would have struck him down long ago for what he's done! ; (

Daniel said...

God left our universe long ago, so ashamed was IT of what it had created!