Sunday, December 17, 2006


These two photographs show two groups of the world's citizens. Their lives are somewhat different.

The top one (from Reuters) shows a man and a woman working outside the multi-billion dollar space station. They are both highly trained and highly paid and work in an industry where money is no object. When their exciting jobs are finished they will both write books and/or go on speaking tours and earn mega-bucks. Their great grandchildren will thrill to their stories of working in outer space.

The bottom photo (from Google Images) shows two starving children from Nigeria. If they extremely lucky and manage to make it to adulthood they can look forward to a life of struggle, poverty and starvation and, because of the lack of medical care, an early death.

These four world citizens, all human beings, no more, no less, do not share equally in the bounty of planet earth. Why? Why are a handful of rich nations spending billions of dollars on space exploration while most of the world's people continue to starve or die from preventable diseases?

Because a few rich nations, from space, can control the world militarily thereby maintaining the cruel, immoral economic and racial inequality that exists in the world today.

Terrorism is indeed an understandable phenomenon!