Sunday, December 17, 2006


For decades Israel and America declared Fatah and Arafat as corrupt enemies of peace. So then the Palestinians had a democratic election and Hamas was fairly elected. Then Israel and America declared Hamas was an enemy of peace and, with other nations, stopped funding for the new Government.

For nearly a year Hamas could not function because of the lack of funds, and because their members were being assassinated or imprisoned by the IDF, and Palestinian lands were subjected to continual invasion and bombardment. The pressures grew and grew and Hamas and the defeated Fatah (who never accepted their loss), via their militias, began to fight among themselves.

Meanwhile America and Israel, hypocritically, have courted Abbas (who has the courage, the patriotism and the tenacity of a jellyfish) and the minority Fatah party who they once spurned because they know, compared to Hamas, they are weak negotiators when and if it ever comes to a final peace settlement. It's the old divide and conquer routine.

Abbas, rejecting the mandate of his people for Hamas, is now calling for new elections in the hope that Fatah might do better than they did last time and he might become more powerful.

, the Palestinians are now on the verge of a civil war, one manufactured and encouraged by Israel and America who hope to mortally weaken the Palestinians so that any settlement will be entirely on Israel's terms.

The cartoon cleverly shows the horrific situation. The only thing missing is the Stars and Stripes painted on the bow of the warship alongside the Star of David. The shark swimming in the water is prophetic.

The immoral art of political pea and thimble trickery thrives in the Middle East! The poor Palestinians, as usual, are the unfortunate dupes! But because of this the whole Muslim/Arab world is finally stirring.

Any 'victory' for Israel could be Pyrrhic.