Friday, December 15, 2006


This fantastic photograph (thanks to YAHOO) shows the effects of global warming in Greenland.

Around the world ice is melting, glaciers are retreating, the temperature is rising, the water level goes up, extreme weather events increase in number and severity...BUT WHO GIVES A FLYING F#CK?

John Howard doesn't. "Australia can't lose jobs and profits in the coal industry or lose our competitive advantage," he says sagely. "Mate, just buy a gasmask and some strong sunburn creme and, besides, George is my shepherd and HE says I shall not want."

George Bush doesn't. "We didn't invade Iraq and bring it freedom and democracy so we 'good ol' petrol-head boys' can ride pushbikes, " he states belligerently.

Tony Blair doesn't. "We British don't like riding pushbikes either," he chortles in perfect harmony with George, "it's simply not pukka!"

President Hu doesn't. "We are the economic envy of the world. Solly about the porushion. Old Chinese saying: Tiger craps where it wants!"

Wall Street doesn't. "Man, this place is jumping, the graphs are in orbit, the rich can't spend their profits fast enough and MY six-tonne SUV is turbo-charged."

The Media doesn't. "Our ratings are soaring, just mention nuclear holocaust or Katrina look-alikes and the couch potatoes begin to bake in their jackets."

People in the Maldives do but they haven't perfected the art of talking under water yet! Besides, they're brown skinned and their GNP is too small to count. Perhaps they'll evolve back into sea-creatures.