Friday, December 29, 2006


This photograph from Iraq (aljazeerah) shows the reality of life in our world in 2006 for some unfortunate folk. This lady cringes at the feet of a U.S. soldier who, armed to the teeth, stands arrogantly in her home like some threatening intergalactic monster. He, presumably, is guarding her in case she attacks him with her slipper.

Try to imagine how you'd feel if suddenly your home was invaded by a group of these monsters who smashed down doors and, shouting like the savages that they have been trained to be, ran amok through your house terrorising you and all your kids. After securing your home, then the monsters will search it and leave it in a shambles. Would it feel good? Would you be scared? Would you feel violated?

Would you perhaps feel resentment against the violent occupiers of your country who, despite their fine words about freedom and democracy, have brought you only misery, death and destruction plus the looming prospect of civil war?

Whoever said that the meek will inherit the earth was a fool and a liar.