Wednesday, November 29, 2006


With global warming comes spreading droughts. As a result, the prospects for very dangerous and destructive bush fires loom large this summer in Australia. This photo from Reuters shows how puny man really is when fighting against some of the new forces of nature, forces which man has unleashed upon himself because of his insatiable greed.

While we continue to burn fossil fuels at an ever-increasing rate, politicians talk and talk about reducing greenhouse gases and set up committees that talk and talk, and reports are issued by the dozens and there is more talk... Meanwhile capitalists, with their eyes on profits, are going gangbusters to make sure that we consume more and more goods that we don't really need. And, in the main, we the people, armed with our credit cards, watch tellie while our world is being destroyed.

I hope I'm wrong, but I think that, during this summer, in Australia (and other countries in the Southern Hemisphere) we are about to pay a heavy price for our head-in-the-sand profligacy!