Sunday, December 03, 2006


In China a new menace has reared its ugly head. Lust-filled bananas have apparently invaded some of the Provinces. The only way to protect the wombs of young virgins from frantically wriggling banana sperm it seems is for each banana to be fitted with a condom.

These two girls have captured a marauding banana and, while holding it tightly, a condom is being rolled down its length. Presumably the end will be tied off and the banana neutralised. What happens to it then is unclear but it certainly will get hot and sweaty! Perhaps it'll be wrapped, join others, form a bunch!

Of course, Australia doesn't have this problem following the assault on Queensland plantations by some recent cyclones. Only the Packers can afford bananas now. Just as well too otherwise condoms might be in short supply for all those anti-Howard protesters who fill them with strange substances before hurling them at officialdom!

Just how the Chinese bananas manages to sweet-talk their way into forbidden places is unclear. Perhaps they're 'shanghai' bananas. In case they can swim, ladies, keep your eyes peeled!