Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Our life is filled with constant noise,

It's hard to handle with lots of poise.

Sometimes I just want quiet peace.

When I find it, I'll sign a lease!

As I get older, I welcome quiet more and more. The endless clamor of this world is debilitating and mobile phones have made it worse, much worse.

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KathyM said...

Quiet is what I love the most. When I quit work the cell phone was the first thing to go. I still cringe in public when I hear someone else's phone ring if it has the same old ring tone that I had!!

But is there really such a thing as quiet? Here in my neck of the woods, I can travel so far out that there is no traffic noise. No street lights, no houses nearby. And if I step out of my car and wait....the crickets and frogs start chirping and croaking. Owls will hoot. The night time will be alive with noise from critters.

As a child I fell asleep each night to this chatter. As an adult inside the city limits I bought a fan to run at night that I could turn on high speed to drown out the noise of my neighborhood. I couldn't hear the cars drive by or the dogs barking.

Now I'm getting ready to move back to the country. Will have to get used to the chirping and croaking again! It's what I want!