Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Hampshire, Etc, Etc,

Friends, while the search for a Presidential Candidate moves forward with all the speed of a crippled snail on cracked crutches, as a blog author I am faced with a difficult dilemma: feature each weekly election in detail or give occasional summaries? I'm sure my many American friends would prefer the former while non-Americans might well opt for the latter.

To date, of course, we have had wins by Huckabee and Obama then, surprise, surprise, Clinton and McCain. What anyone can read into that is purely hypothetical because the potential for swings towards this person or that in future states is immense given that the social and political mix varies so much in America. Besides who's got the most money may decide the outcome!

So covering each election in detail seems rather problematic because it's merely one small part of the agonizingly slow, emerging jigsaw. Besides, King George still reigns and may precipitate a nuclear war, declare martial law, then cancel the election at the end of the year!

I think I'll just post occasional summaries and concern myself with trends rather than the minutiae of each vote but I'm open to suggestions.

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Lucyp said...

I thought about this because i did a few posts in quick succession about the US election and didn't want it becoming a regular thing for the next 11 months.
That said, it is the subject that gets the most reads and picked up by the news wires for their sites so we may have to just bite the bullet although i am trying to find unusual angles for it rather than the straight forward opinion piece. Not easy though.

annie said...

Your observations are interesting to read. I like seeing what bloggers in other countries (lucky!) think about our less-than-savory election "process"

It's bound to be amusing, at the very least.

Daniel said...

It blows me away that such a complex and flawed political system could have ever been dreamed up. The KISS principle obviously wasn't around way back then! And then, after the circus is finally over the Americans end up with Bush! Unbelievable.

Annie, I'm happy we can provide some humour for you long-suffering folk!

Phill said...

Now spare calling me a redneck racist cos that's the last thing I am.

Obama cannot win the Whitehouse,so that leaves the Clintons,Hillary to be precise..

No offense to my American friends "Duelling Banjos" is still alive and well in the U.S. As to my displeasure,as it is here.

Prediction from Phill. Hillary the next Potus.I will take bets,which as usual can be made through my Swiss bank account. I wish.

Naj said...

Whoever wins, I wish it won't be Hellawry!

Damian Lataan said...

McCain and Clinton; the ying and yang of American politics.

It's going to be a big year Daniel - and I don't mean just because it's an election year. Will the neocons and their allies really yield their power after having come so far? Expect the unexpected.

Daniel said...

While Bush is around, Damian, I expect nothing but the worst. If we get through to November/December maybe even January we'll be lucky.

Thanks for dropping by!

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