Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Commander/Decider Has Arrived!

George Bush has arrived in Tel Aviv (see above). His mission: to bring peace to the Israelis and the Palestinians. What a man! May the Lord be praised!

However, George's idea of peace is to give the Israelis whatever they want and to convince the Palestinians that they are lucky to get whatever Israel may accord them (keeping in mind that, to gifting Israeli Jews, small is good whereas smaller is better).

If that means they lose most of their land and have to live in small concentration camps then they should welcome this. After all, the Children of God have certain rights, ones that no other race has. And if Israel decides to push all the Palestinians into Jordan (as has been mooted recently by some members of the Knesset) then let them eat sand and rejoice for the meek will inherit the earth.

Yes, George the Peacemaker, the one who accorded the butcher Sharon the title of 'Man of Peace', is in the Holy Land trying to create the impression that he might actually achieve something worthwhile after his seven years of profound stupidity and widespread warmongering.

And any Palestinian who is holding their breath while waiting for George to bring about the creation of their sovereign State would be advised to take a deep breath and think seriously about migrating to another part of the world.

What a disgusting, tragic farce!

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Nancy said...

Please distinguish between Israelis and Jews.

Israel is a sovreign nation that is conducting its own policies.

Judaism is a religion. Not all Jews support Greater Israel or want to take the Palestinians' land.

I'm afraid that your comment about 'gifting Jews' is very racist and stereotypical. You should not perpetuate these dangerous cliches about the 'cheap Jews'.

Identify Israel's policies with Israel, not with the Jewish religion. Extremists exist in Israel and they control the government. Religious extremists of any flavour are ill suited to run a democratic government, which must exist on compromises.

betmo said...

not even the corporately owned msm here is touting this trip as anything other than a photo op. no expectations of anything here- just polishing the nub of his legacy.

Daniel said...

Nancy, I have watched with horror the brutality of Israel, the homeland of the Jewish people, very closely for the last seven years.

I have watched the Israeli Government, elected by the Jewish people, carry out countless atrocities and genocide and collective punishment and steal more and more land from the Palestinians while they pretend to engage in peace negotiations. My view of the Jewish Israelis is based, not upon stereotyping, but on their lamentable actions which, I'm sure, we haven't seen the end of.

Betmo, it is a charade, one played by America and its proxy Israel, while a whole people continue to be crushed much as they have been for forty years!


Lucyp said...

Bush never gave a hoot about the Palestinians when he had a chance of actually doing something, he was just looking out for Israel out of some weird religious premiss and the Jews in his country.

Daniel said...

You always tell it how it is, Lucyp!

Nancy said...

Here is a quote from your post:

"(keeping in mind that, to gifting Jews, small is good whereas smaller is better)."

That is highly offensive to me. It is not about Israel, but about all Jews.

Please think twice before putting such statements in your post--they don't reflect at all well on you.

Daniel said...

Nancy, Nancy, please read my comment in context!

The Jews in Israel have, using brute force, been taking from the Palestinians for forty years. At any peace settlement (which itself is highly unlikely), the Palestinians will be reliant on Israeli generosity for some scraps of land. They are highly unlikely to get much because, to the Israeli Jews and their democratically elected government, anything at all for the Palestinians is already too much hence my gifting comment.


Phill said...

Daniel, for mine Bush is in Israel to cook up the coming conflict with Iran. The peace process is a smoke screen,that anyone with half an ounce of grey matter can see.

I am not a conspiracy theorist by any stretch of the imagination,but the conflict with Iran may be the blockbuster, that will take the peoples minds off the financial crash that is coming as we speak.And coming it is of that I will take to my own bank.

Providing it is still there shortly.

Daniel said...

If we knew even ten percent of what is being cooked up by the predominately Jewish Israelis and the predominately Christian Americans behind closed doors, Phill, we'd have a stroke.

They are both militaristic imperial powers and are armed to the teeth. Killing and occupation is second nature to them.

Phill said...

I have been close to a stroke several times laughing, listening to Bush mangle the English language.

I will never understand from the most advanced,can do,civilization on the planet, how Bush, and his side kick Cheney, got into power.I will leave that to the more politically astute to work out.

Using any yard stick Bush should not be in control of an evening of tiddly winks, much less have his finger on the button of Armageddon.

Of course we may all be wrong under that exterior of dumb,maybe an intelligent statesman is hidden and he speaks in code.The mind indeed boggles.

Daniel said...

The intelligent statesman is indeed well hidden, Phill!

Naj said...

May bush and his peace-loving israeli counterparts rot in their disillusioning lala-land!

Daniel said...

That's the worst of being an atheist, Naj, the reality that some people are never going to get their just deserts!


Nancy said...

I think your rephrasing in the note is much better than the original article, which speaks of cheap Jews, not cheap Israelis.

remember, they are not one and the same, and it was that kind of attitude that led to mass murder.

It certainly doesn't justify what Israelis are doing to Palestinians, and I do not agree with people who paint any disagreement with Israel's insane policies as 'antisemitism'.

Religious nuts of any flavour have no business running a country.

Daniel said...

Nancy, I'm so glad we sorted that out. Let me ask you, why is it that moderate Jews, the ones who don't approve of what the Jews in Israel are doing, don't speak with a much louder voice and why does so much Jewish money flow into Israel?

I strongly agree with your comment about religious nuts! Take care.

Nancy said...

YOu don't hear about them any more than you hear about people who loathe Bush and don't support hisd wars.

The media are bought and paid for, that's why. Plenty of Jews not only don't support Israel's expansionist policies. There are even a few (other religious types, but not nuts) who don't support the existence of the state of Israel.

But you won't read about them in the MSM, anymore than you will read about the antiwar groups, or the entire states that are creating their own ecological laws since the Feds aren't.

Worried American said...

How did the BushCo get into power? By stealing the 2004 election in several different ways and their perfidy sanctioned by a pet judge. One way: rigging the voting machines. Check out my post today on IAB.

Liberal White Boy said...

What can I say but, Amen.