Thursday, January 03, 2008

Freedom - It's A Tricky Word!

I guess few things symbolize freedom as well as a sailing ship under full canvas gliding along down a river towards the immensity of the ocean. There is almost no noise, a gentle movement, and, for the sailor, a feeling of being in complete harmony with nature tinged with slight apprehension. The ocean can be a fearsome place.

As you contemplate this scene of tranquility, spend a few minutes thinking about the ordeal of 2,000 Palestinians who, following a Haj pilgrimage, found they couldn't get back into Gaza unless they went through an Israeli checkpoint rather than the Egyptian-controlled one they'd left by. Quite rightly they refused.

For days they were prevented from returning to the concentration camp that is their country while Israel and Egypt argued about which checkpoint to use. Efforts by Israeli-apologists were even made in the American Congress to stop aid to Egypt unless they acceded to Israel's demand.

Eventually, after two deaths caused by privation, Egypt allowed the pilgrims through their checkpoint much to the displeasure and murmurings of retaliation from the Israelis. There was much rejoicing among the reunited families.

Yes, freedom is a word that is precious to many people but some people don't know what it feels like, have never experienced it even for a minute.

Since the creation of Israel, the Palestinians are one such group.

Photo: from Reuters.


Worried American said...

An Arab friend with whom we worked overseas took R&R in the Holy Land. He was Muslim but respected my Christian religion so purchased many Christian souvenirs from Jerusalem and Bethlehem for me and my daughter.
When he passed through Israeli customs, they took most of the souvenirs from him and threw them in the trash. Mere petty harassment and hatefulness. He managed to bring back necklaces and crucifixes on them because he had them in his pocket. Oddly enough, the soldiers (or whoever they were) allowed the two olivewood hand carved nativity sets to go through. My daughter and I cherish these and put them out every Christmas.

There is no reason for petty spitefulness on the part of the Israelis.

Daniel said...

Worried, whenever a group of people are filled with elitist religious fanaticism the first thing that disappears is a conscience.

Then allow a world power to give the same group unrivaled military power and brutality and deliberate cruelty becomes the norm.

Israelis care about nothing or no one, only their deranged ambitions!

Lucyp said...

Goodbye 2007 and welcome 2008 with this showing that the year may change but very little else is going to in the Middle East.

Daniel said...

While the Jewish community across the world and especially in America has so much power and influence (because of money and media control), Israel will continue to be the scourge of the Middle East and America's imperial proxy, Lucy.

Too bad about the Palestinians!