Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Circus Is In Town Again!

Well, folks, Iowa is underway and the Presidential elections are once again in full swing. Has anything changed following the unmitigated disaster of George. W. Bush? Of course not! That would be too sensible.

The Presidential hopefuls, a motley crew made up of the rich, those from political dynasties, or those who want to create one, don't want anything to change. Don't be silly! They want to be 'The Commander in Chief' and 'The Decider.'

One would've thought that people in the States, some of them at least, might have wanted to restrict the powers of the President (and all his Big Business, Neocon and Religious Fundamentalist accomplices) BEFORE they begin to elect another one.

One would've thought that there would've been urgent meetings or conventions to organize to change a flawed Constitution which, as George Bush has demonstrated, has so many holes in it that it could be used as a colander.

But no, the political circus that was set up hundreds of years ago when sailing ships were in vogue, remains intact and there is every chance that what happened with George will happen again. Or something even worse! God help America.

More importantly, may God (who or whatever that is) help the rest of the world to survive America!

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Lucyp said...

I have two hopes, one is that we get through the rest of the Bush debacle unscathed and that either Clinton or Obama win it because the Republican side seems as scary as anything we have seen these last 8 years.

Daniel said...

But Lucy, Bush (and Nixon) has proved that the President has far too much power and that that power can be abused.

If something's broke, it should fixed or so it seems to me! Cheers.