Friday, November 30, 2007

The World Is Drowning In Lies!

Trying to act responsibly and keep one's blog on top of world issues is a difficult if not impossible task. The reason? The world is being engulfed by a tsunami of lies: big, small, white, black, trivial, profound, you name it!

Every crisis in the world is, like an onion, surrounded by layers and layers of lies, half-lies, exaggerations, distortions, and deliberate spin. Somewhere in the mix is the truth (or at least part of it) but usually it's well hidden.

Everyone it seems is involved in lying: politicians, priests, entrepreneurs, salespeople, Sunday school teachers, television commentators, journalists, bankers, military commanders, lawyers, etc. Some people are truly professional liars, naturals at it. Many more are amateurs. Some people are actually trained in the art of deception, the art of spinning yarns, or avoiding telling the truth. Visit any court room or chamber in parliament!

Given this fact, how then can any serious blog publisher feel confident about presenting accurate posts on any world issue let alone a string of different ones? Even if I concentrated on one issue, say highlighting the way that Zionism affects the foreign policy decision of the United States, I could spend my every waking hour for a year trying to sift through all the evidence, all the mendacity, all the obfuscation, all the rumours, all the views, all the intrigues and conspiracy theories and still end up little the wiser.

At times, the task of being informed seems far too daunting and it is becoming more so by the day.

The universal penchant for lying doesn't help!

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Nancy said...

I think that some of the lies (such as that 'climate change'will only affect the NEXT generation) are to keep people from panicking.
Anyone who has been paying attention, or looking out the window, can easily see that the shit hit the fan some time ago. Are we happier for it? No. Most people prefer to live in blissful ignorance, or depression (if they know)

Daniel said...

Humans, in the main, tell lies to themselves each day, Nancy. It's probably the only way they can find moments of happiness! Cheers.

betmo said...

well, i know that i am deliberately forcing myself to not panic and i don't know that anyone can do anything about the lying now that the foxes are all in charge of the hen houses. the corporations have won. yes, we outnumber them physically, but how do you combat your neighbors? the problem is that joe everyman fancies himself royalty and entitled to the perks and behaviours associated with that. very difficult to tell a spoiled brat he can't have something. and no one wants to deal with the tantrum- hence the march towards annihilation.

betmo said...

ooh- that was a wee gloomy. sorry.

Daniel said...

Thinking, sensitive people are entitled to feel gloomy on occasion, Betmo, given the reality of our world.

Hang in there!

Saint-Vire said...

just let you know, i stumbled across your blog and for a 17 year old girl who finds it hard to survive in a teen world of stereotypes with unique views and opinions, your blog was very refreshing.

you seem to be one of those rare people who "leave nothing sacred" but are willing to respect other people's views.

thanks for making a great blog and i will continue to read!

Daniel said...

Glad that you came to visit Saint-Vire. I'll reciprocate very soon!

Worried American said...

You said it, Brother!!