Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Matter Of Choice!

"Wonder what I'll be when I grow up? A baked dinner or a casserole?"

While looking for this photograph I came across another one that showed hundreds of day-old chicks that had been gassed. Their tiny bodies were destined for restaurants where they are served as a delicacy to discerning patrons.

Now I understand why some people become vegetarians.


Lucyp said...

If you ever get the chance to drop in at an abatoir, you will see why i became vegetarian.

Daniel said...

I'm beginning to think that there is a strong relationship between how badly we treat other animals and our continuing cruelty to our own kind, Lucy!

The Buddhist philosophy has much to offer. Cheers.

David Stefanini said...

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Daniel said...

Your kind comment is appreciated, David. However, I can't see how our two blogs are remotely compatible!

ninglun said...

I think David's was a spam comment, strictly speaking. Good you are back, Daniel. I hope your new mission proves effective. Laughter can be a good weapon.

Daniel said...

It will be rather hard-edged laughter, Neil, I can promise that!

I agreed with much of your recent post, the one which mentioned my temporary disappearance. It was perceptive.

Nancy said...

I have become a vegetarian since I started sharing my life with my cat. While she has to eat meat, I do not have to.
She is a sentient being with a soul. The chickens I used to eat also have souls, and feelings, and desires.
As for the fish, I am truly sorry for having contributed to their extinction. Vegetable sushi is as delicious and nutritious as fish sushi.

Unhappily a physicist friend told me that broccoli has rudimentary feelings, so that leaves seeds and apples as a diet for the extremely empathic.
Except that it actually HURTS trees when you pick the fruit rather than eat it after it falls to the ground.

So you are eating something that is alive, no matter what you do. I think it is best to not eat things that have a central nervous system. But broccoli sort of qualifies here.

I think that the Native American concept of thanking the animal/creature you are eating is a wise move. Who knows, maybe the kyanite necklace I am wearing also has feelings...