Monday, November 05, 2007

It Must Be Election Time!

"What??? Ask your mother what pork barreling means, Son! Dad'"

The election in Australia grinds on. Politicians are throwing around billions of dollars in an attempt to buy an election victory. Grunter Howard and Squealer Rudd are in a bidding war of gargantuan proportions. Lies rain down like confetti at a socialite wedding.

Those who carry out polls are in seventh heaven. People who take bets on the election outcome are having a field day. Television channels run profitable election advertisements ad nauseam while the voters yawn and switch off both mentally and physically. The birth rate will go up soon. Sweet and sour pork is being taken off menus in Chinese restaurants.

Only three more weeks of pork barreling and undeliverable promises to go.

Bring it on!


Gadfly said...

Is corruption a global affair among politicians? Is it some sort of disease that infects people when they go into politics, or do only those people already infected go into politics? What happened to Statesmen? or were there never any real ones in the first place? Are these questions unconstructive? I don't mean them to be. I'm just so disillusioned and sad.

Daniel said...

Gadfly, when politics became a profitable career rather than an altruistic calling is when the rot really set in.

It used to be called 'serving the people!' Now it's 'helping yourself'.

betmo said...

good grief! sounds like here. are you sure you didn't move and not tell me?