Friday, November 16, 2007

Machievellian Man - What Does He Know?

Friends, I just saw a late afternoon interview with John Howard. He does not look like a man who is way behind in the polls, one who is facing an electoral rout tomorrow week. In fact, he looks like the mouse that's swallowed the cheese!

He laughed and joked with the media contingent as if it were nothing more than a pleasant social occasion. He parried their pointed questions in a jocular fashion. Given that he's not a good actor I can only surmise that he knows something that we, the voters, don't! The following is a partial list of guesses:

- He has got the nod from a major Media Mogul (one like Murdoch) that he is going to get full support during the last week.
- He has received recent knowledge about the Coalition success at targeting marginal seats with bribes which will ensure that he will win even though he falls far short of winning the popular vote.
- He has got some dirt on some senior members of the Opposition including Kevin Rudd which he'll reveal over the weekend.
- He has got the nod from the Christian Churches.
- He has got some financial analysis from somewhere which suggests that Labor cannot fund its promises.

- He has received some advance information from the Bush Administration about an attack on Iran next week (which could involve Israel) or about some planned terrorist attack in Australia during the next few days. This will allow him to play yet another fear card (along with union thuggery, rising interest rates and unemployment, a collapsing economy, etc).
- All of the above! Perhaps you have some other suggestions.

If Howard wins this election then democracy in Australia is truly dead and buried and we are firmly in the hands of right-wing Philistines.

I am very afraid both for me and my country!

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Nancy said...

Do Australians vote with computer touch-screens yet? If not, there is still a chance that your vote may be counted.

If Diebold is down there, kiss your vote goodbye.

I am very curious to see how things go in Australia since your electorate is better educated than the American, and required to vote.

Daniel said...

I don't believe that we are better educated, Nancy, and, as for touch screens, ha, ha, ha!

In Australia we fill in large forms with a pencil, yes, a bloody pencil AND there is no identifying mark or signature on the ballot forms to show who filled them in!

Just imagine what Bush could do with our primitive voting scheme.

betmo said...

we are not out of the woods here by a long shot either. the right has something planned because their 'mouthpieces' on hate media are hinting at it. it's either scare tactics or subversive messages sent to their followers. whatever it is- we have to be diligent here. good luck to you on your island all by your onesey. :)