Friday, November 16, 2007

Do Humans Have A Future?

The photograph shows a futuristic depiction of a city. Undoubtedly, humans have the technological intelligence to create such a place.

But what about their psychological capacity to adjust to a completely new world, to re-invent themselves, to leave their primitive, superstitious, flawed, ego-centric, erratic, habit-ridden nature behind?

My feeling is that humans are not capable of adjusting. Most people, whether because of genetics or environment or both, are highly resistant to change. They appear to be permanently locked into the past and, like parrots, when challenged they merely regurgitate what they have been taught or what they believe. Their minds are enclosed boxes, ones where the light of originality can never penetrate.

In blogging terms, such people often peddle self-indulgent trivia because serious issues are beyond their intellectual or moral capabilities. But they are very fond of pontificating should anyone dare question their static thinking!

More importantly however, the real problem for mankind arises when the technological dimension outstrips the psychological dimension. By this I mean that, currently, we have the weapons to completely destroy our planet many times over but we don't have the maturity to handle such dangerous things as nuclear missiles and star-wars systems.

It's like silly children playing with matches alongside an open forty-four gallon drum of petrol.

Catastrophe is just a matter of time!

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous post, Dan. I agree with all your statements....what ever will happen to the good, moral, intelligent citizens like yourself?


Daniel said...

Hey, Zoe, sometimes I feel that, along with a small handful of switched on people like you, I live in a caveman society, one that has no place for good, moral, intelligent, thinking citizens.

What will happen? Like all minority groups, we will be destroyed, driven out!

Take care! XXXXXXXX

Nancy said...

This picture is just a fantasy, like most human beliegs; it will never exist in actuality. We will run out of fuel before this sort of ugly. soulless thing becomes the norm.

Worried American said...

Sadly true post, Daniel. We've gotten too smart for our own good but without the good judgement to go with the smarts.

Daniel said...

Worried, I'm not sure that smart is a word that applies to humans generally.

Nancy, if we went back to living in caves it would better suit our nature!

Lil Sparrow said...

Perhaps it is not important for humans to exist? Perhaps we are just another link ... in a grand chain .... souls moving from species to species...... all different forms of energy ..... sadly I believe that we will not survive..... but a few will ...and move forward...

We are such sensitive creatures, once hurt, we become complicated as we try to heal.... and at times it seems arrogance and defense take over..... so strange...the older I get the more I shake my head.....

Peace and Blessings!

Lil Sparrow.

Daniel said...

Lil, my friend, you're so perceptive!

There are a few of us who see clearly what is and what isn't. Most humans are blind, puffed up by their imagined self-importance, their imagined cleverness.

That is why mankind never progresses and seems destined to repeat over and over the same mistakes until, eventually, our weapons of madness destroy us. Or global warming. Or both.

When we leave this earth it may heal. More likely it will become yet another moon, a silent testament to our incredible stupidity.


betmo said...

it's interesting that you should post this- as i was thinking about the future of mankind too. i was thinking along the lines of- how long will this planet stay hospitable with our seeming disregard for anything other than greed and profit. i don't have any good answers based on past performance. i just think that the stakes are higher at this point.

Daniel said...

Fiddling while Rome burns seems an appropriate image somehow, Betmo. We humans just never learn!