Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Creatures Of Habit?

Over a long period of time I've noticed that should I or anyone else propose a complete change to some of the established but flawed systems that prevail in our conflicted world, immediately there will be an outcry.

Many people will offer a thousand reasons, some of them wildly irrational or emotive, as to why the status quo cannot and should not be changed (except perhaps at the edges). This seems to apply regardless of whether the suggested changes concern politics, economic systems, theological beliefs, social morays, nationalistic extremism, etc.

Of course to think, to re-assess one's attitudes and values, to initiate or accept change, requires energy. For most it seems too much of a disruption. It would seem as if our imitative (Pavlov's dog) upbringing teaches us to become, not vital, intellectual, questioning, creative, lateral-thinking beings throughout our lives, but dull, predictable creatures of habit (like sheep). As such, we are easily manipulated.

Worse, as long as most people are held captive by habit, the world will never change for the better (which obviously suits those who neglect or abuse their children, or who profit from war or theological superstition or political power, etc).

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Coffee Messiah said...

What I see out here in the great midwest, thinking may be habitual, but honestly, it appears to me to be a lack of wanting to learn or grow outside of the little box they wrap around themselves to insulate from the real world! ; (

Daniel said...
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Daniel said...

Coffee, the fault lies in our nature AND in our mind-deadening 'education' system with its army of dreary, pedestrian practitioners!


Lucyp said...

People don't like change, i think they are probably afraid of it. They get comfortable with the status quo and will resist anything that will make them alter or change their habits.