Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Unfulfilled Dream Of Generations!

This photograph shows how, in the animal kingdom, if the circumstances are favourable, barriers can be broken down and unlikely relationships formed. These two loving youngsters later in life might not be so friendly but for the moment each one, without a mother, is enjoying the comfort of the other.

In the human animal kingdom, very young children of different racial backgrounds can play happily together too (though the "That's mine!" instinct is already in evidence). However, it's only later, as they absorb values from their family, their television, their schools, their society, their religious institutions, their nation, etc, that they change and develop things like intolerance, bigotry, hatred, greed, brutality, elitism, etc, the kind of negatives that result in war and a desire for domination.

What a shame that the innocence contained in the photograph couldn't be captured in a pill, one that each human could take everyday.

What a delightful place the world would quickly become!

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Renegade Eye said...

Very touching.

Daniel said...

It is a beautiful image, Renegade, and, unfortunately, so rare! Cheers.

Octavian said...

That is quite a beautiful image indeed. Thank you!

Daniel said...

Buried under the ugliness of our world there is beauty and decency and love. Sometimes, sadly, it's hard to find! Cheers.