Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Meek Will Inherit The Earth!

"What an incredible lie!"

Update: 30/9/2007
Well, Envoy Gambari from the U.N. has arrived and, as we all know, things are really going to happen! Yeah.

The Junta has effectively killed off the rebellion. The blood-stained streets are largely empty. Troops are everywhere. All evidence of atrocities has been removed. San Suu Kyi has been taken away to the north. Pro-Junta marches will be held. Peace will appear to reign.

The U.N. Envoy will be shown around selected places, given lots of elaborate dinners, make a few diplomatic speeches, then he will return to the U.N. and offer a few admonishments. The world will continue to turn and the Junta will get on with their despotic reign vowing to hold the reins of power even more tightly.

What a shame Burma doesn't have lots of oil like Iran!

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Lil Sparrow said...

The meek will end up IN the earth before their time.

Daniel said...

Lil, the ones who walk tall in this world are the ones who care only about themselves and walk all over other people to get what they want.

The law of the jungle is alive and well!

Monica Thatcher said...

Dan, do you think we could all start a fund and buy a remote Island somewhere. Kind of feel like it's all gone too far. I reacon there will be just enough time left to enjoy a bit of life before mother earth consumes the place in a pool of pollution, blood, and hate.

Daniel said...

Have you read Lord of the Flies, Monica? Remote islands can be dangerous places!

Granny pointed out the other day that, to date, all utopian experiments have ultimately failed.

I don't know what the answer is. Humans are a hopeless lot.

Nancy said...

The Shakers are the most successful communal group ever attempted (at least within recorded history.) But then, they have their religion-a remarkably tolerant and friendly one--to hold them together.
Anyway, private islands will probably all get flooded when the sea level rises.

Daniel said...

Thanks for your timely warning, Nancy. Islands are off the agenda! Cheers.

Mary Walsh said...

I am not Meek, and nor do I wish to inherit the Earth, I just want to share it in peace and harmony.

In spite of all the despair, gloom and doom in the world, I only have to look at the clear gaze of a little baby to know that some how, some where, some time, all will be well in my world.

My world is what I make it and I just can't take on that which I cannot change. What I can do, is use methods of communications and show that not all wars are settled with guns. When the whole world is laid bare because of mankind, there will still be creatures left untouched by our having been here at all. That gives me hope!

Daniel said...

Many wish to share the world in peace and harmony, Mary. Sadly, humans being what they are, we are never going to get our wish!