Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dinner For Two But With Who?

Friends, in an effort to lighten the mood here at Seeking Utopia, I offer the following for your enjoyment and mental stimulation!

Imagine that in the mail tomorrow you receive by special delivery a five-star dinner invitation. It asks you to consider spending an evening anywhere in the world with the World Leader that you most admire. All flights will be first class and you will be treated like royalty, stretch limousines, the works. The only thing you have to do is to choose your dinner companion and say why you made the choice you did in thirty words or less! Who would you choose?

Of course, this being Seeking Utopia, there is a catch. You also have to nominate the world leader you would least like to have dinner with and explain why in thirty words or less.

If there are enough entries I will tabulate them, turn the whole thing into a poll, one that might shake the world to its foundations, might even bring down governments!

Here is your chance to get everything off your chest! Let it all hang out (no, ladies, not your chest...although, if you insist...).

Let's have some fun!

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Mary Walsh said...

Unfortunately I don't know of one World Leader I would like to dine with.

I am sure there are some very nice honest folk around such as Helen Clark of New Zealand but would I want to spend an evening with her? No!

Closer to home I believe Senator Bob Brown from Tasmania is one politician who I sould have the utmost respect for his honesty and integrity.

Mr Bush would be the worst companion I could imagine although Australian journalists on his recent APEC trip described him as "funny"...They meant "ha ha" type funny but I would only see the "stupid" type funny of a warmonger making money from oil and arms deals, at the expense of the innocent.

I doubt I would be a suitable dinner guest for any World Leaders that spring readily to mind, but the view looked very enticing.

Daniel said...

I'm sure you would be a delightful dinner companion, Mary. That you can't nominate one suitable World Leader is a comment in itself! Your choice of worst may well prove popular. Cheers.

Nancy said...

I think it is far easier to pick a 'worst choice' than 'best'.

Kim Jong Il would rate high on my list of dud dinner date partners, though he would probably have some pretty cool moving picture entertainment afterwards.

Saparmurat Niyazov, of Turkestan, would not be a dull companion, but I doubt if compulsory readings from "The Book of the Soul" (which he of course wrote) and dates set to his own calendar, would be agreeable. And every dish is boiled in oil.

George Bush looks good when compared with these two, but considering that he never, ever meets with anyone who disagrees with him, I'd never be able to arrange a dinner date anyway. His other drawbacks are obvious. I would probably break his arm if he offered me a public shoulder massage.

The positive leaders? Helen Clark of New Zealand comes to mind.

If you meet with leaders that you already agree with, you accomplish nothing. I'd want to see leaders who were bright enough to consider alternative views, and would not be dogmatic.
I might opt to meet with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, whom I hear is a cultured and intelligent man. I'd also have President Ahmedinijad of Iran on the short list. I would want to convince him that if he is truly interested in non-fossil fuel, solar energy would be preferable to nuclear and would defuse a dangerous situation.

Of course "Iran's Nukes" are no more the reason for Bush's saber rattling than the WMD were for Saddam Hussein, but it would be something to talk about.

Nancy said...

oh one more name...

before it's too late, I'd want to speak with Fidel Castro. Just to see if he is the bogey that I've been told about for my entire life.

Daniel said...

I love your sense of humor, Nancy! Helen Clark has two nominations thus far. That's a start. George's name has been mentioned twice also. Cheers.

Lucyp said...

The Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez would be first choice as he seems to be driven by a Marxist vision that i would implement if i was ever handed the keys to a nation. I would like to know if he was the real thing and where he hoped his revolution to end up.

The person i would least like to end up sitting opposite would be Tony Blair. Bush was always going to War and Blair had the decision whether to follow or not and chose to, even trying his hardest to give it some respectability by dragging in the UN. I have no time for either of these men but Blair was representing me as this countries leader.

Daniel said...

I hope MI5 is not reading this comment, Lucy! Chavez, I agree is an interesting person. Cheers!

Robin said...

Hi Daniel,
I would want to spend my sumptuous meal in the presence of the Dali Lama, and eat slowly,letting each taste hover before I swallowed.

As for my "bad meal", I would acutally NOT like, but would have to choose a corporate meeting to attend-sorry-but it's a group-and since they are all members of the same evil force and act in union-I'm taking the liberty of clumping them in as one. That would be all the members of the Project For A New American Century, those who have taken our country and screwed it up beyond words.

Daniel said...

Hey, Robin, what a great nomination! And I agree with you about the corporate goons, the greed merchants - they are truly sickening. Cheers.

enigma4ever said...

I have two choices...
(1) is the True Leader of Burma....but since she is on house arrest.....

that leave plan B....are you up to it Mr.Utopia...?

Monica Thatcher said...

Bugger the dinner, the question is do we want to live in a structured society. The rules quite clearly state THIRTY WORDS OR LESS.

So, Favourite: Bush, (I could drown him in his soup,if that fails push him off the Balcony).
Least favourite: Putin, (dont have a Geiger counter)

Daniel said...

Enigma, this morning I feel about 1,000 years old. Not sure whether I'm up to it or not but thanks for your kind offer!

Monica, your humor is always appreciated.

Peace to you both.

Playful Pete said...

Tough call, can they be admired leaders from the past, now deceased, but leaders nevertheless that we woud have liked to dine with?

If so, then Ronald Reagan for sure. The man who stared down a vicious empire that sought to use totalitarian Communism to crush the human spirit, but who failed, as the innate human desire for freedom and choice burst through into the sunlight.

Or Eric Honneker, that vile former leader of East Germany, for his desire to oppress his populace with his Stasi secret police, in a despicable effort to implement the misguided, delusional and ultimately murderous theories of Marxism. It'd be most frustrating, in fact, and the urge to lunge across the table and belt him would be way too tempting. A lively dinner it'd be, no doubt.

Least desirable dinner companion? Hugo Chavez. Anybody seen his weekly Presidential TV show? (funny, Bush doesn't have one). This guy waffles on for hours and hours on each show. You won't get a word in edgeways. Chavez is a talker, not a listener.

Daniel said...

Ronald Reagan, eh, that tenth-rate actor who is often seen on TCM.

Your mind seems to be stuck in the past, Playful, and your hero/leader comes from the movies. Figures.