Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Dear Friends, it has been brought to my attention that this blog is not worth visiting. Now I know this comes as a surprise to those of you who have clicked upon the site but now you can't say you weren't warned.

One of my ardent supporters, Playful Pete (who I recently banned from the site), during some rare moments of insight, has decided that this blog is...well I'll let him use his own words:

"How's the Totalitarian Socialist site today?!?" and

"Right up your (self-admitted) Hizbollah-supporting alley, isn't it Daniel?" and

"...then anything is possible. Even in the mind of a one-eyed, white Anglo-Australian." and

"Daniel even deleted a post from somebody else who opposed his views."

The other one who bravely called him or herself Anonymous (whose comment I also deleted) had this to say in part:

"You really are a complete idiot Daniel with no knowledge whatsoever of history...If most so-called Palestinian Arabs had stayed in Israel they would enjoy more human rights than anyone living in any Arab state today...They have only themselves to blame due to their racism and religious bigotry." How's that for a balanced view? Those pesky Palestinians are to blame, get it!

Folks, Anonymous and Playful Pete have spoken! It's a thumbs-down verdict! This is a Totalitarian Socialist blog run by a one-eyed, white Anglo-Australian who not only is an idiot but has no knowledge whatsoever of History and deletes all comments from those who oppose his views! Gee! Hanging is much too good for me. Crucifying may be the only proper remedy (see above).

Thankfully, despite these less than glowing character and blog assessments, one of my obviously misguided supporters (poor Enigma who I must've managed to trick) said just the other day: "I love your blog...... " Blush...awww...blush.

So I'm somewhat confused. People hate and love my blog! Where does that leave me?

Will the real Daniel stand up and identify himself before the crucifixion begins!


Worried American said...

Chuckle! My, my Daniel. You DO have a way with yourself! Such glowing testimonials. Now don't go getting the big head and becoming conceited because you have drawn such a following of devoted admirers. Obviously you have impressed them deeply or they wouldn't keep coming back. It is too bad that they lack sufficient intelligence to discourse reasonably and must resort to denigrating an opposing view. It would be interesting to explore and debate other views. But we must be charitable and accept the limitations of the less gifted.

I regret that I am unable to match the scintillating rhetoric of your admirers. I can only crudely remark that I dig you and your blog the most!

Lil Sparrow said...


If you answer correctly, I will continue to visit you. BUT!!! Only if you answer correctly ... (like a Monty Python movie.... when they must answer the riddle before crossing the bridge). What color is your one eye?

Well.... so far you haven't offended me and that takes alot.....

They forgot to call you a homophobe....

I may not comment often, or join in, but I like this Blog...

I like that you have an opinion and you post it.

I like that you are not a sheep.


(Conservative perhaps but not a sheep)

Peace and Blessings

Lil Sparrow

Worried American said...

PS: Just cannot keep my big mouth shut!
Re: the brave soul who cannot even post his/her name, hiding behind anonymity. "If most of the so-called Palestinian-Arabs had stayed in Israel they would enjoy more human rights than anyone living in any Arab state today."

Now who doesn't know history? Dear Anon must either be fairly young and/or just read pro-Israel propaganda newsies and history books. There isn't much advantage to getting old but one is that you lived through past times and been there-done that as the events unfolded. The media wasn't as State controlled as it is now and Americans actually got a tad of truthful, balanced news once in a while. Plus the fact that I personally became friends with both Israelis AND Palestinians who lived through the time.

Enjoy human rights? Palestinians were dispossessed of their homes, businesses, olive orchards, lands - everything - when Israeli bulldozers and heavy machinery roared into villages and proceeded to raze them to the ground in order to build Israeli homes, businesses and farms. Palestinians had to snatch and grab what they could carry and flee to refugee camps across the border. I suppose they COULD have remained and camped out beside the roads and waited for the human rights to come their way - more likely Israeli military and police chasing them away for littering the roads. The radical factions of the Israelis have been uncommonly cruel and inhumane to the Arabs whose lands they appropriated. Grrr. I am not anti-Israeli either - I am PRO-HUMANITY.

I'll be back with a link in a minute. Grrr again.

Worried American said...

Daniel. apologies for taking up so much comment space but I'm on a rant.

The link I promised - had to do some time-consuming archive scrolling to find it.
"Israels Foes as Beasts and Insects: They are Not Human Beings, They Are Not People; They Are Arabs"

Scroll down past all the horrific photos and read the news article.
Great human rights offered? Right!

Harold Pinter said in his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech in 2005:
"People do not forget;they do not forget the death of their fellows; they do not forget torture and mutilations; they do not forget injustice; they do not forget oppression; they do not forget the terrorism of mighty powers. They not only do not forget, they also strike back."

Lang Mack said...

Daniel makes up all the comments to his blog, then gets to answer himself, and thats the only reason I call around to say ,G'Day. Because I also do the same thing when I'm out trying to muster sheep and yelling to the dogs. Except Daniel don't swear like I do, at the bloody dogs, and the bloody sheep, and the %&&#$ weather, when Daniel becomes a 'tall Poppy', then we can really let him have it.:).(Thanks for your efforts,mate, they are appreciated..)

Daniel said...

Worried, the sad part is that it wouldn't matter what proof you provided, people like Anonymous and Painful Pete will only see what they want to see.

They stubbornly distort or ignore anything that opposes their narrow, elitist, usually right-wing viewpoint. Personal abuse is one of their favourite weapons!


Dylan said...

Hi Daniel: You may have covered this in a previous post way back when but you mentioned 'elitist' viewpoints in your last comment and you are - according to the blog's sideboard - 'anti-elitism'.

How do you understand the word 'elite' and 'elitist'/'elitism'?

I ask because elite is often used in a positive context (elite athletes, academic elite ) and I can't really imagine you would be anti-the Ian Thorpe's of the world. I assume you employ the term in a different context - a little help?

Reason for visiting? To have a read, have a natter and pass the time. Some blogs have a real sense of community about them (I am too new here to know whether this is true of Seeking Utopia) and this is what will keep me coming back to a blog.

Daniel said...

Hey, Lil, the colour of my eye currently is bloodshot. That they forgot to call me a homophobe too I'm sure was just a careless slip.

Dylan, noticed you on Club Troppo (Jaws) and WD. You sure do get around.

To your question: elitism becomes dangerous in the context of imagined superiority. Hitler with his Master Race theory was a proponent of this elitist distinction. The Jews are also good at it!

People I've found are much the same the world over. Some might be smarter, some might be better looking, etc, but so what!

Looking for what we have in common seems more sensible and positive rather than focusing on our differences. Cheers!

Dylan said...

Understood, Daniel. More a superiority thing then? I guess you would be more anti-ACTING superior than being intellectually/athlectically/aestheticly superior (which we really can't do much about, right?).

Club Troppo? I do hang about Harry's 'Club Chaos' a bit but Troppo is not a site I remember spending anytime on.

The Jaws photo on Harry's site was part of a photoshop competition on the photo heading the post. See here for many more.

Webdiary is not something I post on often, either. I think I have probably posted a dozen times in a year or so. Certainly not regular, though I do give it a read most days.

Dylan said...

Sorry for double posting Daniel but I just read your comment more closely. What's "The Jews are also good at it!" meant to mean?


Daniel said...

I guess any group of people who reckon they are exclusively God's Children could be accused of being elitist, Dylan.

Thinking that one is superior is rather a false because usually there are plenty of people who are better! Cheers.

Dylan said...

"I guess any group of people who reckon they are exclusively God's Children could be accused of being elitist."

That could apply to many religious groups, Daniel. Singling out one religious group could be interpreted the wrong way.

pissed off patricia said...

the best way to get rid of commenters like that are to ignore them. They eventually go away.

Daniel said...

Dylan, everything one says can be taken the wrong way. I even get criticized for what I don't say!

Patricia, ignoring some people drives them to an even greater frenzy. Banning comes first. Then stoning!

enigma4ever said...

well well know we love you....bloodshot eyes and all....

Daniel said...

Only one bloodshot eye, Enigma, but I do have a wooden leg which I forget to mention!

Painful Pete still visits each day and leaves a message. Each one of them is becoming more courteous.

P.S. I think he wants to be forgiven his elitist, right-wing sins.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends, it has been brought to my attention that this blog is not worth visiting.

Oh what an incredible load of tripe!

Just kill your trollers with kindness. That's what I do.

Daniel said...

I guess being killed by kindness by a cold, clammy frog would certainly have a redeeming impact, Kvatch.

Brad said...

A totalitarian socialist blog? Why didn't you say so earlier?! *bookmark*

Lil Sparrow said...

wooden leg?

which one?

Blood shot eye? Have you been bar brawling?



enigma4ever said...

wooden leg and a patch , so you are my secret pirate friend.???? yar....
don't worry WA, if he is a pirate he will never become coneited they are courteous kind humble souls - don't you know??? ( if you are a pirate I don't know if we can call you mrHeavenly Stud- that is not a good priate name?)

Have a good weekend...

DetainThis said...

Well well, Daniel.

You're pissing off the hasbara half-wits and the apartheid apologists, so you must be on the right track lol.

Keep up the great blogging, bro'.

Daniel said...

I asked Painful Pete to give me a list of praiseworthy things the Israelis have done. I haven't heard from him again! Funny thing that.

Thanks for calling by, Detain This!

Anonymous said...

...clammy frog

Who you callin' "clammy", oh stinky biped? ;-)