Monday, July 23, 2007


I just watched half of a documentary about children whose parents are drug or alcohol addicted. I wish I hadn't!

There is a move afoot by a Member of Parliament to remove children from homes where they are at risk and put them in foster homes. There is fierce debate about the pros and cons of this. However, looking at some of the 'parents' who have the care of multiple children I tend to agree.

I thought to write a post about it so, turning on the computer, I looked up Google Images under 'battered children' and became even more horrified. Some parents actually batter their kids to death!

It is obvious to me that many folk should never be allowed to have children. Yet anyone can regardless of their suitability. However it's the children who pay the price for the total lack of regulation, for the profound ignorance and incredible selfishness and deliberate cruelty of some 'parents'.

I decided not to publish photographs showing beaten or neglected children. They are too harrowing and, unfortunately, the world is full of such kids. And they come from every class in every society.

Instead I chose the picture above. It signifies peace and beauty and love, something that, sadly, far too many children will never ever know (but I sure wish they could).

How can we dare to call ourselves civilized when so many innocent babies and children are unsafe and suffering?


Renegade Eye said...

I think your post should compliment the right to abortion.

enigma4ever said...

I think that this is such a hard issue- and as a nurse I know and have seen more on this then I ever would want to see again....but there are some people that should not have animals or children....

L.C.S. Monkus said...

I unfortunately would say NO !!!! NO !!! NO!!!! not everyone should have children.

I am not considering Eugenics or gentic engineering.... all I am considering is that in some social situations ... some parents do not have the built in, or learned, coping mechanisms to care for their children let alone themselves.

We fear this question, we avoid it ... even China and its one child policy, horrified our "we have a right to have children." Yes... we all have the right to have children .... however so many raise their children so very, very, very badly .... (and I am not saying I am perfect) ...

and genetically ... lets face it, the gene pool is obviously becoming shallower and shallower.....

we need evolution and we need it quick!

Daniel said...

Renegade, Enigma and C.S. thanks for your input into this important issue. Sadly, animals often care more than humans do!

We stand condemned in so many areas!

Mary Walsh said...

No, including my parents, but I survived regardless. What I learnt though from the experience was not to make the same mistakes again.....incest, excessive alcohol and finally desertion were never on the menu of my children's upbringing!

I get quite annoyed about adults who blame their childhood though on bad behavior now! so perhaps I developed intolerance instead!

lcs monkus I believe some people forfeit their "right" to have children by their cruelty to them! It is a privilege, not a right.

Anonymous said...

Mary Walsj I do agree... privilege indeed.
I must admit that I am so inspired by some parents and their relationship with their children. I have been moved to tears by simple acts of love between parent and child.... I think I need more of those moments!

Peace and Blessings!