Thursday, July 12, 2007


A study done at the University of California, according to Reuters today, has found that men with muscles are much more likely to have multiple female sex partners that those with modest or non-existent pecs but bulging intellects. I kid you not!

Hang on a moment! Before you rush out and join a gymnasium and buy cartons of steroids so you can get amongst the action consider the following: "Frederick and colleagues also asked 141 college women to look at six standardized silhouettes of men ranging from brawny to slender. Most preferred a toned man who was more likely to commit over a muscle-bound man they perceived as more volatile, aggressive and dominant."

It appears that women are drawn sexually to muscly men but realize that other women are as well. The more sensible ones, after they've had their fun, usually settle for scrawny over brawny! This raises some controversial questions (but then this blog, on occasion, has been known to do things like that regardless of the heavy cost).

For example, does this mean that all married men are second best, weeds, no more than a tragic compromise? Does this mean that all women are fickle, more pragmatic than passionate? If a man is built like Mount Everest, is he likely to be left in the cold when it comes to the reproduction of the human species? Is this a case of discrimination against a muscly minority group? Will muscly men eventually die out (but with a huge smile on their faces)? How can any man possibly change himself from muscly to puny overnight to attract a permanent mate? Why would he want to? Could cosmetic surgery help to get rid of those unwanted biceps, those Atlas shoulders?

Do you have a position on this contentious, controversial subject?

P.S. Remember, this blog is open to everyone (except fools, frauds and fanatics). That includes members of all minority groups (even Seven Day A Week Bikeriders and One-legged, Cross-eyed Dwarfs)!


Larry said...

Guess I'm fortunate to be lean than beefed up and wondering.

Daniel said...

Question is, Larry, are females fickle or just pragmatic? Is is a question of nature versus nurture? Cheers

Coffee Messiah said...

I'm the 98 pound weakling you used to see in the ads getting sand kicked in the face.

Actually, I did attempt, after a divorce, to bulk up. Had to eat more than I cared to, and then the guy was trying to sell me on steroids. WTF!

Sooo, I'm back to square one, but like Popeye: I ya, what I yam. ; )

I won't touch the female question. I like keeping my teeth! ; )

Daniel said...

Teeth are good, Coffee, though they tend to make the sand rather irritating! Cheers!

mary walsh said...


Neo said...

gr8 post Dan!

I will bite my tounge though or I will dribble on for hours over this.


C.S. Monkus said...

hmmmmmmm ........... y'know, as a gym bunny (gained 60 pounds when I quit smoking so I have been working it off at the gym).... muscles aren;t all theat they are cracked up to be.... they are always sore.... tight, restrictive.... and if you stop weightlifting they dissapear real quick and leave all sorts of skin .... I for one am more drawn to a natural HEALTHY build .... however the Creators intended one to be in their healthiest state.... what is the use for useless muscle?

2 cents.

Daniel said...

Neo, I thought you'd approve!

C.S. your dilemma is faced by many. It seems us men can't win!

Neo said...

Oh no ,Dan on the contrary! i hate this sort of thing. And the sad thing is that woman are now judged in exactly the same fashion. It's made finding and maintaining a healthy relationship a very difficult task!

Love to you!