Friday, July 13, 2007


This intellectually-challenged man demonstrates two things: that power corrupts and, more seriously, that the American Constitution is badly flawed. Why, you ask?

The Congress, the Australian equivalent of the House of Representatives, has just voted to remove American troops from Iraq by April of 2008. This vote, in part, had some Republican support. The Government elected by the people for the people has spoken, right?

Think again. The 'President' (known by some as the Village Idiot of World Politics) has already signaled he will veto the bill using the argument that: what would Congress know about running a war! The Decider, using ridiculous powers given to him by the Constitution is now (with some help from his seriously misguided friends) running America from the Oval Office and defying the People's Government. Clearly, that is a dictatorship!

Of course the question could be asked, given the abject failure of Iraq and the rise and rise of terrorism: what would President Bush know about running a war! In fact, it could be asked, based on his performance during six and a half years: does he know anything about anything?

The real problem is with the Constitution. The power of Presidents should be severely curtailed. I would argue strongly that if the Office of President was abolished altogether then a more true democracy would be the result (assuming you could get rid of the influence of money and political dynasties on American politics)!

Hasn't Bush demonstrated the clear failings of the American Constitution (of course he's not the only flawed President the Constitution has produced either)?

What do you think?

P.S. Howard the Craven will doubtless support Bush's position, you wait and see!


Mary Walsh said...

I think Daniel that Mr George Bush is a sad indictment on the American people that he is allowed to continue to operate the affairs of one of the most powerful countries in the world, and gets paid to do it.

For the first time in your photo of Bush as displayed, I have seen that tell tale earnestness on his face as John Howard does, when he knows that what he is saying is rubbish!

God help America if he exists at all, because Bush does nothing for them at all!

Larry said...

I don't know if the Constitution is the trouble, or the fact that a madman out of control has seized the nation with no challenge, and has his way.

Coffee Messiah said...

People need to remember, he's a legend in his "own" mind! ; (

Daniel said...

A Constitution that allows someone like Bush to be elected then can't control him is is trouble BIGTIME!

Thanks for calling by Mary, Larry and Coffee!

DivaJood said...

Constitution? We have a Constitution? OH, MY, GOD. I had completely forgotten...

Neil Shakespeare said...

Well he has certainly pointed out the defects of the American voting public. And the Electoral College. People around the world must look at us and scratch their heads and mutter, "Jesus! Is that the best the Americans can come up with? Is everybody in that country that damn dumb? Or do they pick the dumbest one to be their leader?

Granny said...

Our voting is severely flawed as well. For sure, he stole the 2000 election and he probably stole 2004.

Get rid of the electoral college for starters.

We could keep the President but maybe go to 2/3 instead of simple majority approval for any of his appointments.

Get rid of the loophole that allows signing statements. Why have a law that the Pres can ignore?

The Senate will probably pass that same bill but even with disgust at its highest level I don't think we can override a veto.

Daniel said...

The world is perplexed Granny, Neil and DivaJood! But the inaction of most Americans is the hardest to understand.

Daniel said...
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MarcLord said...

The Constitution has gaps in it which have been exploited. The code has been broken and can never be put back together. If America were a parliamentary democracy, Bush would have to kiss the Green Party's ass and keep them happy. Al Gore would have formed his own party, put together a majority in parliament, and would have voted Bush out of office by 2003.

Daniel said...

Time for major constitutional change, Marc. If it's broke, fix it!

GDAEman said...

Hmm... and curtail the power of corporations.

It should come as no surprize... the US Constitution was written, in private, by monied white men.

They did so by violating the existing "constitution" known as the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union; they failed to use the provisions for amending the Articles. It was basically a coup.

But not to worry. We'll eventually gain power. "United We the Common People Stand."