Thursday, June 28, 2007


"A small photograph for small men!"

To appoint Tony Blair, ex-supporter of the war-mongering Bush as well as a bigtime Muslim Murderer, as a Middle East Envoy would be like appointing a paedophile as the head of an orphanage!

On this basis, perhaps Georgeous Bush could be appointed as Head of Mensa or the Senior Judge for the Nobel Peace Prize when (or if) he leaves the White House.

Later this year, John Howard would be an obvious choice as the Chairman of Arse-Lickers Incorporated or as the new Head of the Australian Council of Trade Unions!

It's a strange world!


Mary Walsh said...

Hearing that Tony Blair is going to become a Catholic is what floored me personally.

If all the good touchy feel lessons we've been taught about Christ, how He loved us and taught love your fellow man as you do yourself, is true???? How could a man who instigated so many murders against innocent men women and children in their own land - not invading England, mind you! he went to them!...then god help us all if that is what the Catholic Church is about. The fact Blair was preparing for an audience with the pope made me want to puke!...the women raped by priests were turned back by the guards from an audience with the pope, seeking only justice, having travelled from America to Rome!!!

Middle East Envoy? You're right, like putting a pedophile into an orphanage....but will he survive long enough to do any more damage once he's in the Middle East?. They don't like Englishmen there and they certainly don't like Catholics even more so.....

Daniel said...

It truly is bizarre, Mary!

Granny said...

It sure is!!

betmo said...

it is really sad but nothing surprises me anymore.

Daniel said...

We live in strange times indeed. Perhaps it will rain lizards and frogs soon!

Naj said...


These people are delusional. That is what they are.

But hey, who wants to get their dirt out? Let them put an old lid on it!

Neo said...

GB, the head of mensa! Lol he'd be pushin my own 156 mark and thats sayin somethin!

He's an imbasil,trust me!


Fleming said...

Daniel, please pardon the self-promotion, but I really think you'd enjoy my recent post on Blair as envoy on VIEW FROM THE MOON.

Maybe there should be an inverse MENSA -- DENSA, with G.W. at the top (i.e. bottom).

Hey, I like that "DENSA"! Remember, it's mine, and it'll soon show up on my own blog.