Saturday, June 30, 2007


London Bombing Attempt (Reuters' photo)

Typical comment from bystanders: "I just can't understand it! The more we bomb them, torture them, rape their women, kill their kids, ridicule their religion and take their land and their resources, the more the stupid bastards seem to hate us and want to do us harm! Beats me."

P.S. This scene will be repeated over and over in every country that belongs to the American-led militaristic Coalition of the Killing! Using brute force against people who have legitimate grievances will never achieve peace.


Mary Walsh said...

Yes as an educated country, you'd think the willing three would get the message by now.

You kill us, and who's left will fight back to avenge us!

Some of us are just plain thick!

Naj said...

Hi Daniel, thanks for dropping by and leaving the comment about the
Oil Pit. I thought this is ironic, an oil pit rationing gas!

Daniel said...

Mary, those who rule us well understand the consequences of their actions but work on the assumption that it's the 'little people' who'll pay the price!

Naj, I guess oil for Iran is a weapon, a very powerful one (at least while they control it)!

betmo said...

i think that they were just trying to give the poodle a send off. perhaps not.

Worried said...

eThe problem is that the responsible parties are insulated and well protected from the rage of their victims and they don't care about the "little people" who receive the brunt of the attacks. We the People don't count.

Daniel, you might be interested in particpating in the Blogswarm Against Theocracy July 1-4. All we have to do is publish a post on our blogs against theocracy or for separation of church and state during that time frame. Information re: the event is at . Side bar info, plus scroll down past list of bloggers for complete info. Also, FFF has free pertinent banners and sidebar logos for anyone who wants to copy and paste the HTMLs. You can sign the petition if you want.
Personally, I do not want a Fundie government.

pissed off patricia said...

Pay backs are hell. We will someday learn that.

Daniel said...

When payback comes, Patricia, why do people squeal like stuck pigs?