Saturday, May 12, 2007


This photographic masterpiece from Reuters shows Pope Benedict exhorting Brazilian youth to say NO to sex before marriage and drugs. Of course, most people, including me, would strongly support the latter.

The Pope is also very vocal on matters of contraception and abortion and says NO to both. It seems rather strange to have this single man (he's married to the Church) handing out commandments to those who are actually involved with the day to day practicalities of heterosexual relationships.

Of course, behind his procreational pontifications (contraception and abortion) is the idea that the more babies there are the more Catholics there are. Doesn't seem to matter to him about whether the unplanned new born can be properly supported and loved or that a woman can only carry so many children or that people make mistakes. Aids doesn't seem to feature highly among his concerns either!

In an over-populated world, surely contraception and abortion make sense.


Intrepidflame said...

What you are saying and how you are saying it is so simple, but people just don't get it. so sad.

nice post.

C.S. Monkus/ L. Sparrow said...

Truly .....

Relationships are an experience, not a philosophy. He may understand relationships from the outside, and perceive sex from the outside... but does he understand the expereince of BEING?

No, just perceiving.

I think that there is more harm than good being done .... sigh ....

Peace and Blessings

Lil Sparrow

Worried said...

Not to mention the dwindling water and other natural resources available to this overpopulated world.

Not too long ago a radical activist of a certain ethnic group criticized the anglo-american-euros for "not having babies" and praised and boasted that his ethnic group continued to bear many babies (primarily a Catholic group).I think his point was that his ethnic group would out-breed us and eventually dominate by sheer numbers. So sad that he was roundly cheered by his followers/adherents. Neither he nor his audience seemed to realize what overpopulation and wasting of natural resources do to cities, states and countries.

There are already droughts and water wars in many parts of the world. Humans use and need a LOT of water, and so do crops and food animals.We need - the earth needs- the forests, especially the tropical rain forests, and they are being cleared and slaughtered at a prodigious rate.Some species of sishes are overharvested almost to the point of extinction. Other natural resources are being consumed and destroyed with no thought to future generations.

Not to mention the terrible death and disease rate among poverty stricken children and babies, and the grieving parents are told, "God needed another little angel in heaven" and they are forbidden to practise birth control to prevent more tragedies and suffering of the innocent.

Daniel said...

Thanks for the comments. I was glad that the 'Limbo' issue was resolved recently. Fancy torturing parents that had lost an unbaptised child with the 'caught between heaven and hell' nonsense. Barbaric cruelty I reckon.


Coffee Messiah said...

Ahh, the madness of the Catholic church and the pope again! ; (

Lucyp said...

The words 'sense' and 'Catholic Church' just seem so wrong in the same sentence.

Anonymous said...

I don't think a person has to have done drugs to have rational opinions about drugs, and I don't think a person has to have had sex to be able to form rational opinions about sexual morality. Personal experience can be useful in forming an opinion, or it can be harmful if it becomes a bias. What really matters is that a person considers the evidence and proceeds in a logical and open-minded way. You and the pope argue from much different premises to begin with, so it is natural you wouldn't see eye-to-eye on abortion. He thinks it's murder, so of course even severe overpopulation wouldn't be a justification for it. You apparently don't think it's immoral, so of course you'd see it as a useful tool. Fair enough, but sitting there and bashing someone's opposing view without demonstrating that you understand why they believe it isn't going to accomplish anything but revving up people who already agree with you. Shouting "hooray for our side" may be fun but it doesn't help solve the world's problems.