Wednesday, May 09, 2007


A week or so ago, this site turned one! That's right folks, for just over one year I've been battling against the odds to try to affect a few changes in this crazy world.

The site started as THE PHILOSOPHERS WELL. Then I changed it to LIFE'S HELL because I thought the title might be daunting for some folk. Finally it settled as SEEKING UTOPIA. I then went underground for a while following a troll attack and called my blog SECRETLY SEEKING UTOPIA. Then, after Christmas, with renewed purpose, SEEKING UTOPIA burst upon the world scene again and has finally settled down.

It has been a dizzy ride, lots of highs, lots of lows. Blogging is not for the faint-hearted and, to survive, you have to give as good as you get. You also learn very quickly that the world is full of both good and bad people and sorting out which is which and dealing with them accordingly eventually becomes second nature. You also realise that the world is far, far bigger than you and that the forces which control it are massive, well organised and determined!

What have I achieved? I've done a lot of writing (400 plus posts) and canvassed a large number of serious issues. Despite that the world still spins just as it always did and the ten things I strongly oppose still fill the world with pain and suffering. However I have acquired some very good, decent, loyal friends who, unpretentiously, are also trying to make the world a better place for everyone. That sustains me through the dark times of self-doubt and frustration.

Whether I'll survive another year of blogging is another question but I'll give it a try. I extend my deep thanks to all those who have helped and supported me along the way.



Anonymous said...

Together we shall find that Utopia... hope you hang in there .
Happy Blogaversary!

Daniel said...

"Life is but an empty dream."



Anonymous said...

"It's up to us to fill it up with good things."
Steve (DesertPeace) ;)

iMuslim said...

Congratulations on surviving a year! To be honest, i thought the blog had been a round for much longer; it just shows how much of a professional you are. :)

Take care.

Coffee Messiah said...

Congrats on sticking around.

As mentioned privately, more people read than post comments, and that they return, means you've made some sort of impact.....

One at a time, whether you see the outcome or not, what goes on around us does change in small ways, unseen to the human eye.

I continue to remember this Burl Ives song: Donut Song

"As you go through life, make this your goal, watch the donut, not the hole."

Inwardly, I feel as you do, the world spins and it's out of control, but here in the "ether" I've found others around the world, striving for all the same things.

It's the governments that want us to think it's otherwise! ; (

Cheers and Thanks for a dose whenever I get a chance to get here. ; )

Lucyp said...

Well done on reaching the big 1. I have always considered the name Seeking Utopia as very good so well done also on picking probably the better name out the 3 or 4 options.
Here is to another year!!

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy...Blogaversary! Keep up the seeking.

C.S. Monkus/ L. Sparrow said...


Peace and Blessings!

Lil Sparrow

ninglun said...

Happy Birthday! Guess I have been part of the site one way or another for quite a bit of that.

Mary Walsh said...

Well Daniel with all those happy birthday wishes I'm sure now your mum has you on'll find the energy to continue taking those first tentative steps of life into the great unknown of cyberspace...

It is a big world and we are mere specks in its continuity as a happy and vibrant community....and like any kid in the kindergarten we will continue to squabble over the toys....but eventually maturity comes to us all and we grow into reasonable people...Well most thinking intelligent people do, but we all know there are some doubts about the possibility of this happening with one or two politicians..

Many of us want to act as uncles and aunties to help the process along...but at the end of day, in Australia, we still can get tucked into bed with a goodnight kiss and a promise of a better day tomorrow.

Daniel said...

I feel somewhat at a loss for words given all the nice thoughts above. Friends are important. My friends are very special!


betmo said...

happy, happy! i will leave you with a quote i put up yesterday that just seems to fit these days- no matter what the issue- and let's face it- there is no shortage of issues:

"hope has 2 beautiful daughters. their names are anger and courage; anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are." augustine

Daniel said...

Great quote, Betmo. Thanks!

Worried said...

Congratulations, Daniel, and thanks for hanging tough. You give me hope.

Daniel said...

I'm not so tough, Worried. I just can't stop writing!

Naj said...

Happy belated birthday! I want some of that cake too!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! For Seeking Utopia and for you Dan.
Congratulations....Blogging is a bastard at times and rewarding at others.

Daniel said...

Thanks. Your final sentence, Neo..., well, ain't it the truth!

Dan. xxxxxxxxx